The best shoes ever! and the worst shoes ever! converge to make the most mediocre story ever!

Since I've already ruined the ending let's start from the beginning when I purchased what I still believe are The Best Shoes Ever: Patent leather ballet flats (worn at almost every holiday party I've attended in the five years since purchasing because they are perfect) from Stuart Weitzman for a price that at the time I laughed off since it was my parent's card anyway but then I realized that money doesn't come from the heavens and replenish my wallet each day so then I cringed when I remembered the price. ...more

I feel your pain! I've just gone back to work and considered whether I was a heels or flats ...more

How do they walk in these things?


The Comeback of the Stiletto

  High heels are back and I'm not talking about chunky platforms.  I'm talking about uber-feminine, stiletto-heeled man traps.  We've witnessed the death of the "it" bag and are now moving on to coveting the "it" shoe which is the universally flattering killer heel.  The newly fashionable shoes have the aforementioned high heels, low vamps (the bit that covers the toes) for a lengthening effect and a pointy toe.  ...more

Shoes By Sign

With the film version of Sex in the City hitting theaters at the end of the month, it got me thinking about shoes. Why is it that some women are obsessed with owning the latest designer labels, while many of us just want to keep our feet protected from the elements? ...more

What a Heel: Why I Hate Stilettos

While riding the subway to work on Tuesday morning, I drowsily read the latest Entertainment Weekly. I like reading "fluff" on my way to and from work, as it is a gentle transition for my overtaxed brain. As I skimmed a sidebar on the possibilities for this summer's "it" song, my eyes lingered on a photo of 20 year old singer Rihanna. ...more

I'm 5'9 and in most of my heels I'm six feet. I wear heels pretty much every day, but I try ...more

I Wouldn't Walk A Mile for These Stilettos

Perhaps you've heard about or have seen RJ Reynolds/Camel cigarette's newish No. 9 brand, which features a black box with pink detailing, and is ostensibly targeted at women? California congresswoman Lois Capps has led the outcry against Camel's marketing strategy, which in addition to using "girly" packaging, runs their No. 9 advertisements in popular glossy women's magazines that are often read by young women. And the No. 9s must be doing well, because this fall, Camel is rolling out a spin-off of the No. 9 brand called "Stiletto," which is a longer, thinner version of the regular No. 9s. So what's the problem? I first thought. Women (and men) can choose to smoke if they want, and I love pink, as do many of my friends. Everyone knows that smoking kills, but so do a lot of things. Then I did a little digging. Please don your tinfoil hats as we jump into the sinister world of women-targeted cigarette marketing strategies. The author is not responsible for resulting cynicism-induced grumpiness. ...more

Thanks for your comments. I am not across the board pro-government "interference," but I think ...more