Sting Cuts His Children Out of His Will. Could You Do the Same?

I'm glad Sting didn't have a chance to talk to my dad before he died. He would have really poisoned my deal. Sting announced today that he wouldn't be leaving his $300 million to his six children, but intended to spend it instead; he said he expected them to make their own way in the world. He didn't want his children to have the albatross of trust funds around their necks. I understand but wonder. ...more
Personally, I believe he should leave it to them even if he has to place stipulations on when ...more

Attack of the Killer Bees

A few years ago, Remie had a very traumatic experience and he hasn’t been able to get over it. I hoping my readers can give me some insight on how to help him. Rewind two years: We were visiting my parents in North Carolina. My parents have a lovely house that backs right up to the golf course. One evening we all were on the golf course chatting with some of my parent’s neighbors when Remie (then 3 1/2 yrs old) needed to go in the house to use the bathroom. I waddled my pregnant belly behind him but he was able to walk much faster then I was....more

Herbal Remedies

Blog Directory HOMEOPATHISIST NEEDED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   Yesterday while reading this magazine ← I f...more

(VIDEO) Lady Gaga, Sting, Elton John, Debbie Harry, Shirley Bassey and Bruce Springsteen Cover Journey and Madonna

Even in her convalescence, Erin Kotecki Vest finds the good stuff. Check out these unbelievable videos from what was apparently the Best.Concert.Evah. ...more

I almost peed my pants that was so darn funny.

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Do They Know It's Christmas Time Yet? Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Band Aid

We've become accustomed to celebrity charitable endorsements, but let me transport you back to a simpler time long ago, exactly 25-years ago in the magical, shiny 1980s, when it was rare to see contemporary famous icons stepping forward to align themselves with a cause.  What's more, a group of disparate performers uniting to create an original song to raise awareness and funds for a new charity?  It had never been done until Bob Geldof, Midge Ure and a star-studded entourage formed the ad hoc Band Aid and released "Do They Know It's Christmas" in 1984. ...more

I always figured the Ethiopian Jews didn't know it was Christmas time due to ...more

Meet The Next John Legend - Corneille

I'm in love with this artist! I recently discovered his music (even though he already has two albums out) and found out the Amazon is giving away on of his singles before his album is released. If you're a fan of John Legend, Stevie Wonder, Musiq, etc, then give Corneille a listen. You'll love as much as I do!  ...more