Stir-Fried Brussel Sprouts

I wanted to do something without hassle this weekend. Brussel sprouts fit the bill just nice – a vegetable that remains stranger to our taste buds, yet is easy and uncomplicated to handle.Ingredients:...more

Spicy Honey Chili Chicken Stir-Fry

My (Husband’s) Horrible Fried Rice – Voila Madame Monsieur!

Last December, while I was away in Dresden, my significant other decided, finally, to cook dinner for himself, a meal that involves neither maggi mees nor just the microwave alone. However, instead of jumping straight into the details of the recipe, let me start off from the last part of my entry:...more

A Chinese Style Simple Cauliflower Stir-Fry

This simple cauliflower stir-fry is our family’s recent favorite. I cook stir-fried vegetable almost every day. Vegetables can be cooked in a wok with very hot cooking oil in just a few minutes. They are “fast-food” but in a much healthier way. Today’s post is about how to make this cauliflower stir-fry with a few simple ingredients in less than 10 minutes. ...more

Potato & Pork Slices Stir-Fry

Sauteed Bathua

Bathua is a green leaf vegetable,  grown in Northern India as a winter crop. In many parts of the world it is considered a weed and goes by funny name such as,  fat hen, goose foot, lamb quarters, pigweed etc.  I am sure most of you are familiar with it even if you don’t recognise by name, you might have seen one or two bathua plant popping up in your backyard with dandelions. It is a delicious edible green loaded with vitamins and minerals. Depending on where you live it can be found in Indian stores, local farmer’s market and your backyard....more

Teochew Spicy Stingray Stir-Fry

This dish of stingray stir-fry is a Teochew dish that I love eating – a dish which I’ve seen my mum cook umpteen times in her kitchen. Last weekend, I got her to show me once again how it should be cooked, just so I could be sure that I will not miss out any vital steps in this straightforward yet tasteful fare of salty and spicy stingray stir-fry....more

Really Spicy Squid In Black Bean Sauce

Another simple recipe of tender chewy squids, this time using large squids, stir-fried with spicy black bean sauce.Read more from 'Really Spicy Squid In Black Bean Sauce'....more