Styling With Stitch Fix | December


Styling With Stitch Fix | November


My Stitch Fix #2


My January Stitch Fix: Back to Work

With January being the month of the full-house purge over here, I was excited to see what Stitch Fix decided to send me. I know that sounds kind of backwards, but by purging so much I feel like it will help me be harsher than ever when deciding what to buy. Otherwise, the items would just join my sell pile in a few months. (PS, if you want tips for selling clothes on FB, check out this post)...more

My December Stitch Fix: A Grinchy Fix with A Gem

With all the boxes being delivered to my front porch this month, my December Stitch Fix is one of my most anticipated. Sure, I’ve got lots of clothes in my closet by now, but there is something about the holidays that makes me want to treat myself to a little something-something while I’m shopping for everyone else!Here’s my stylist note for December:...more

My November Stitch Fix: Comfy + Casual

The weather outside isn’t frightful yet, but I’m already feeling the urge to snuggle up under a fuzzy blanket, drink some hot cocoa and nibble on some snickerdoodles. After over two dozen Stitch Fix boxes, I’m doing quite well on work-appropriate clothes. However, I’ve recently realized that my weekend casual wear could really use some upgrading....more

My October Stitch Fix: Help Me Decide!

You know when the weather is changing from summer to winter (because in Maryland, we basically get 9 days of fall) and suddenly nothing in your closet looks good on you?...more
S4CDebbie feedingjoy Once they send you the 'your fix is on it's way' email there will be a link ...more

My September Stitch Fix: A Sassy Birthday Fix

September is totally one of my favorite months. The combination of the whole back-to-school excitement in the air, a hint of pumpkin spice everything, and my September birthday all work together to make me a happy lady.I purposefully planned my September Stitch Fix delivery to come a little earlier in the month so that I could treat myself for my birthday. I booked a babysitter for Saturday and can’t wait to spend the day with my husband, family and close friends at a nearby wine festival....more
Blue shirt! You need the blue shirt!more

Stitch Fix: Transitioning to Cooler Weather

After last month’s shopping bonanza, I went cold turkey for the month of August. I gave myself a little no-shopping-for-30-days challenge and only broke it with a couple pairs of running capris I scored at the Under Armour outlet for a steal. My 30-day drought is over now, which coincides perfectly with my August Stitch Fix delivery!...more
Hello!  First time looking at your blog -- it's fun!  I gotta say, I don't love the moto jacket. ...more

Stitch Fix Review

I am not one that loves to shop for clothes. In fact I have a couple friends that I take with me when I do shop for clothes for myself.  My friend Sarah is amazing, I would still be wearing mom jeans if it weren't for her!  I recently decided to try Stitch Fix after reading about it on several blogs and having some friends who have loved it. ...more
I love the sweatermore