That's gonna leave a mark: Cuts, stitches & scars

When is a Band-Aid (or a kiss) not enough?...more

So Now What?

The band-aid came off tonight.There is the difference of dealing with sutures twenty years ago and today. Some things, though, do not change.Keep the site clean? No problem.Wash with soap and water? No problem.I just get this little itch right at the top of the incision that is making me nuts, and I know I can’t touch it.Once I clean it, I can put Vaseline on it, I am assuming, to keep the stitches from drying out too tightly, and keep my neck from looking too bad....more

Exercising 6 of my 9 lives

The reason I had a rough time concentrating at class last night was I was told I had skin cancer last night. I was glad that I had it to be at it, because it made me focus on something else.I managed to get an appointment today to find out I had Bowman’s carcinoma in situ, meaning that it was caught early.Not early enough that it could be frozen off, but it was cut out.I was glad, because my theory on cancer is to get it out of me, period!...more

Pretty Clever {No. 13}

Pretty Clever {No....more

After Blood and Tears: Back to the Crib

I'm not exactly admitting defeat on the whole crib-to-bed transition thing. It really is for my child's safety. Ok, and maybe a little for my sleep and my morning work outs....more

It's 'Gruesome Injury Day'! Let's compare accidents!

Following my accident yesterday (when a leg fell life-threateningly off my office chair), I read a comment on my blog by the lovely Bodacious Boomer, who sympathised and described herself as 'clumsy as an octopus on roller skates'. Man alive that visual made me laugh ........ and it got me reminiscing ........ yeh, I am probably one of the clumsiest bastards on the planet. To summarise, here are a few of my more memorable injuries over the years: ...more

Nothing like some glue to put that eyebrow back together!

When your husband calls you and starts with "don't freak out but..." you know it can't be good! My husband took my 3 year old son to the college gym where he is the soccer coach. The college boys were playing a game in the gym and J (husband) thought that N (son) might like it. And as luck would have it N found the one spot where he could hurt himself and took a face plant right into it.  The result is a 1 inch cut on the right eyebrow. There was blood, screaming, crying, pain...not just by husband and the college boys were a mess....more