Who Knows? Brexit and repercussions World wide... Stock Market Volatilty

Your view of the stock market will never be the same. The concept of free markets is an illusion. Money flows not to the place of greatest value, but where those in power choose to send it. ...more

Facebook Goes Public to the Tune of $104 Billion

The social sharing network that Mark Zuckerberg launched in a dorm room graduated big-time today, to the tune of a $104 billion public offering on Wall Street, making it the third largest IPO in history, and biggest ever for a tech company....more
@laurakimconnell @BlogHer How do they figure that? Number of shares sold times price per share, ...more

The Stock Market and Simple Living

The stock market plunged today in reaction to the credit rating for the United States changing from "AAA" to "AA+". This followed a week of people worrying about the European debt crisis and among fears of a new recession happening in our country.   What does this all mean for the average American?...more

"Confessions of a big footed girl" by Molly Jong-Fast

“I have size 11 feet. Yeah, it sucks, because I see all these super cute shoes in the stores - Guccis, YSLs, Manolos. And when they bring them out in my size, they look like clown shoes." –Paris Hilton   Confessions of a big footed girlby Molly Jong-Fast...more

I'm 5'3" on a good day, cursedly skinny as a rail and a size nine at best. I remember a friend ...more

Misplaced Finger Crashes Stock Market?

Thursday, May 6, the U.S. stock market plunged 1,000 points in eight minutes, one of the biggest dives in history. Read those points as more than $1 trillion dollars in market value gone poof. By the end of the trading day, the market bounced back, closing 348 points down, but oh, the drama! The chaos, the calls for antacids and Xanax as one "misplaced finger" almost hurled the world into a major money crisis. Financial death by typo. ...more

Someone missed their second cup of coffee and hit the wrong key.

This time Greece had nothing ...more

DOW Plunges, Jen... Cheers?

Call me crazy but I think it's exciting when the DOW drops really low. It's similar to the feeling of an impending storm. There is electricity in the air. People start to wonder. How bad will it be? What's going to happen? Will it change life as I know it? I find all these questions to be exhilarating, even if the answers might be negative. Some of it also has to do with my love of breaking records. For example, I despise winter, but if we have a super cold day that breaks the record low for that day, well then it's worth it. ...more

Time to Revise Your Net Worth Spreadsheet?

Have those October brokerage and mutual fund statements all arrived? As dreadful as it may seem, you need to look at them. Unless you shorted the stock market in September, or have all of your assets in cash equivalents or another investment not correlated with the stock market, your net worth is probably down. This is a good time to update your net worth spreadsheet while you have your statements handy. Why now? ...more

I'm Up, I'm Down. Where are You?

No, I'm not talking about the big 5-0 this week. ...more

I hope that doesn't sound like denial. But I honestly don't ...more