Vintage Home: How to Store Non-Perishable Food

Stocking up on food but not sure how long food is good for, or where to store it?...more

Great Ideas for Extreme Couponers

I've been extreme couponing for 10 months -- 10 months! Can you believe that? In some ways it feels like yesterday, still new and a little overwhelming at times. In other ways, it seems like we've always shopped this way, because it's second nature to spot great stockpiling deals and pass on other deals that aren't really deals at all. What's really interesting is that after almost a year of shopping this way, I can still get excited about new ideas and new tools for extreme couponing. ...more
A friend's daughter's Girl Scout troop did this one day for a service project. They keep the ...more

Extreme Couponing and the Understocked Stockpile

I am dependent upon lists to keep me moving and help me get things done. I have daily lists, work related lists, book lists, and monthly lists, and I share these monthly lists every month in the BlogHer List Lovers group. If you click a few of the monthly lists, you'll notice that for the last several months I've had things like "clean the cold room" or "reorganize the stockpile room" on those lists and they haven't been crossed off. Yea, it's been a rough year. ...more
@MonCherieMe Now you've got me wondering about various "rules" for sales. I need to think more ...more

Vegan in a Crisis

I'm in New York, and as I type the entire population is out buying all the water, chips and batteries in the few stores that are still open. Actually, they'd better hurry up because all the transportation will be shut down in 30 minutes.They're all preparing for Hurricane Irene, which is supposed to hit New York in about 12 hours....more

Sharing the Stockpile is the Best Part of Extreme Couponing

Did you see any of the TLC Extreme Couponing shows where the couponers talked about sharing items from their stockpile with friends or family? There was one episode where a couponer's daughter-in-law came over and "shopped her stockpile" -- I thought that was awesome, and it made me kind of sad that my grown kids live so far away. The would LOVE to shop my stockpile and I'd love to let them do it. ...more

I heard some of these big box stores are going to start refusing coupons because of the extreme ...more

Five Lessons I've Learned from Extreme Couponing

It's been four months since I jumped on the extreme couponing bandwagon and I've learned all kinds of lessons I didn't expect to learn. Let me tell you about a few of them. ...more
sometimes walgreens has olive coupons for 89-99 cents...more

Extreme Couponing: Don't Be Scared of the Stockpile

I swore I wouldn't become one of those weird stockpilers when I started my extreme couponing experiment but here I am, three months later, with a nice little stockpile that I'm not only happy with but proud of. ...more

Lucky you! In your area, you'll have stores that offer double coupons which means your savings ...more

Organizing My Coupons

Since donning my new hat as a Coupon Shopper, I've had to graduate from the smaller, coupon accordion to the 3-ring binder method of organizing my coupons.  When I first started following other Couponers who also used the 3-ring binder method of organization, I thought, "nah...I won't need to use one of those, this little pocket accordion should work just fine".  Again, another statement made out of complete ignorance, because I quickly found that my coupons were overflowing and messy...I was frequently having to remove them all to just find one particular coupon!...more

I happend across this blog searching for the COUPON mania! :O) I am a mother of 6 that are at ...more

Should West Coasters Stockpile Potassium Iodide To Protect Against Radiation?

Apparently, San Francisco and LA health food stores are selling out of potassium iodide supplements because people in California (as well as other West Coast areas) are freaking out about the possibility of radiation fallout from the nuclear power plant disaster in Japan....more

My Growing Stockpile from Coupon Shopping

This week I happened upon the TLC program "Extreme Couponing".  I seriously had no idea it existed, but was so intrigued by it as I sat there watching it.  It was so mesmerizing to watch how an $1100 grocery bill can be reduced to $50 or a $5000 retail value to $250.  That's really something I simply can't wrap my head around and I suppose that's why it's called "Extreme Couponing". ...more

I am so interested in their opportunities that I really thought about driving 3 hours to try it ...more