Enough is Enough, I Want More

The other day someone from my past came along and found me on Facebook…I won’t mention any names to protect my friend… but I will tell you  that when we met we hit it off and became quite friendly; I will also say that if I hadn't  decided to do something for myself at that time in my life, we would have never met.When I was 30 years old, I decided with quite tenacity, that enough was enough.  It was time that I step out of my comfort zone and do something that I always wanted to do....more
Corinne Rodrigues Thank you for your comment It is something I am proud ofmore

Day Dreaming! Wake Up! Watch the Traffic!

Lately, Cece, Yun and a few friends are talking about the issues of a child’s  psychological safety during their tender growing years.  It is disheartening to witness, directly or indirectly, h...more

Weekly Round Up

We’ve been very busy over at S.T.O.P. due to the Food Safety Modernization Act that just passed through the Senate HELP Committee this week. A lot of the stories and information for this week’s round-up pertain to the bill and people supporting it....more

Food Poisoning Is Serious Business – People Become Disabled and Even Die

My life changed overnight in 1992 when my then-6-year-old daughter’s best friend Lauren was the first child to die from eating a hamburger contaminated with E. coli O157:H7 in the Jack in the Box outbreak. You probably don’t know what it’s like to watch someone die from the E. coli pathogen, but it is excruciatingly horrible. Lauren’s mom confided in me how it was a blessing when she slipped into a coma because at least then she wasn’t screaming in pain.  ...more

New Organziation trying to Stop Porn Culture

Got this email re a new organization called Stop Porn Culture.  Donate to the cause if you can.  ...more