Bullying - How To Help Your Child

BULLYING - HOW TO HELP YOUR CHILDOne million children were victims of Cyber Bullying in 2011 on Facebook, alone! This is a country-wide problem that needs to solved!...more

stop bullying series begins tonight on AC 360

CNN, Facebook, Cartoon Network and Time Inc. have teamed up for a special multi-platform effort aimed at taking a stand to help stop the bullying crisis.  Anderson Cooper 360° will air a week-long series focused on bullying in addition to a town hall hosted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, marking the one year anniversary of Rutgers freshman Tyler Clementi.’s death....more

Bossy vs. Bully

What's the difference between a bossy person and a bully?  Not much.  Childhood bullies often become bossy adults.  It's a form of domination based on insecurities.Here are the definitions of each:....more

Bullying Can't Always Be Reported

Did you know, that even if there’s an anonymous way of reporting bullying, dangerous bullies can often still find out who the “rat” is and target them. How do they do this? By elimination. Once bullies have been caught out by someone in authority and they know they can’t manipulate their way around it, they’ll take their punishment and the authority figure/s will assume that’s the end of that. They’ll still be keeping an eye on the situation, but they often believe that once caught, the problem is gone. But, for serious/dangerous bullies, that’s not the case....more
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