My Top 5 Kid Storage Solutions That Don't Look Like Crap

When I was pregnant and imagining what life would be like with a child, I remember being horrified at the idea that my house was going to look like Little Tikes threw up all over it. I mean, there is absolutely NOTHING wrong with Little Tikes and I’m in love with many of their products… but I really didn’t want primary colored plastic to be my new design style. ...more
The wonderful thing about nice storage spaces is that it also is a motivator to keep even that ...more

Storage Starved? 10 Tricks Anyone Can Use

When you have run out of space in your home, the easiest solution is to discard items you do not need. However, it is possible to keep a number of items in the small space available by using various tips and tricks. This article discusses 10 tricks anyone can use if they lack storage space in their homes:1. Use Command Hooks to Hang Items ...more

Latest trends in storage and space organization

Nothing is more beautiful than an organized home, where every space is used for a specific purpose. Besides the fact that you get more space, you'll also create a pleasant, airy atmosphere. Everybody inside the home will be able to find what they are looking for, and you'll free yourself from plenty of nerves and concerns if the things are there when you need them. If you have no idea where to start from, here are some of the latest trends to follow in terms of beautifully organized and functional spaces....more

How to Organize The Wardrobe Interior

Organizing your wardrobe interior is influenced by factors like the available type of self storage space, clothing and accessories you have. To start the process, you ensure everything you are arranging is within your reach. An organized wardrobe enables you to have a tidy room and a systematized life. Following are tips that can help you organize your wardrobe interior.1. Remove All Your Clothes from the Wardrobe...more

When It Comes to Technology Be A Belt And Suspenders Girl

It is wonderful to use your technology to keep all your information easily accessible even in the event of disaster. Recently I was speaking with a woman who was upset because she lost all her contacts and photographs when she lost her cellular phone. I felt sorry for her and reminded myself I must continue to duplicate my data. Once upon a time, we stored all our information on paper. We had originals that we saved in safe and secure storage spaces. We kept copies for regular use and review. Everyone understood the importance of having an heir and a spare....more
This reminds me that I need to review my backups and schedules to make sure I have everything ...more

Clear the Clutter!

So the season of the purge is upon us. When we purge and shed the old year like dead skin and look forward to what the new year will bring. Resolutions are good for those with the stick-to-it-ness to get them done, but the rest of us live in the real world and making a resolution just spells failure. Who wants to set themselves up for that?...more

Countdown to Christmas 59 Days and Counting

Countdown to Christmas 59 Days and Counting Holiday Storage well too soon you think well if you went through your holiday decorations as we suggested while looking for those Halloween decorations then you may have found that your ornaments and wreaths did not look as great as the day you put them away....more

5 Great Kitchen Storage Solutions

An organized kitchen – do they really exist? As a matter of fact, they do! No, you don’t have to watch your Tupperware avalanche out of your cupboards, or bang your pots and pans around just to find that perfect sized sauce pan. You can find the spices you’re looking for without completely tearing apart your pantry and you can have clean, tidy counter space all at the same time! It all comes down to smart storage and organization solutions. This article will explain five amazing storage solutions that will give you that organized kitchen that you’ve always dreamed of....more

My green plan for saving money (and freezer space) on meat

 Food containers are, for most people, one of the highest sources of consumer waste.  Every week we throw away countless cans, bottles, and plastics.  Buying in bulk, then splitting up our purchases into smaller units helps, but too often that involves plastic bags which we use once, then discard. In many ways, the money spent on plastic bags counter-balances the money saved with this method -- and creates even more garbage that presently cannot be recycled (since only #1, #2, and, in some areas, #5 plastics can be submitted for recycling)....more

Stocking the Pantry

(originally posted @ My Day Job) I am thinking about the benefits of buying certain items in bulk.  I already enjoy stocking up on things when I find a good sale/coupon combination.  But now I seriously find myself considering buying larger quantities of some staples to keep on hand.  Items such as rice and flour.  Maybe some dried beans.  Things which I plan to start using on a regular basis.  As is often the case, I get a brainstorm and think it will be sim...more
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