Stories You Tell

Family stories. Events usually strung together in chronological order unfolded to the hearer as to entertain, to stir, and to remind. The Teller gets to meander down a path, whether dimly lit or bright as the heavens, and give a recount of the happenings of a day in time that, for whatever reason, was etched in their mind.  The Hearer gets take it in all and live it with them.  ...more


This quote from one of my favorite fairy tales, The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S.Lewis sums up my thoughts on believing and faith.  We are at a time when choice of who and what to believe in abound and I see a lot of believe what I believe or I will unfriend you. ...more

Don’t Touch My Cookbooks

Technology today has eliminated our need for certain things. We have thousands of photos on our phones, but rarely do we print them anymore. I toss phone books into the recycling. I don’t own a dictionary. I threw away CD’s last month when cleaning out closets. Our love letters are sent through texts with heart emojis. I read the news on my iPad. There are no more working phone booths. I shop online, and navigate the roads through my phone’s GPS....more

We sure do have some stories, don’t we?

Last month I wrote a post All the….small things, based on a conversation with a friend of mine that included snippets from an old website we used to run. It turned out to be my most popular post in April....more

10 Things to Tell Your (Grand)children in May

Share your life stories and memories with your (grand)children through the telling you enrich both your lives  Click here to read more  ...more

Why stories matter

I usually read a book or two per week, letting myself disappear in a world of imagination, in worlds so different from my own. But this week brought me so many unexpected enquiries for work that I didn't have time to read. Instead, I thought about people who sent me these enquiries. I thought about their stories....more

The Tree

Here's my latest. Enjoy and pass it on. The links to my books are , , , TreeThe Christmas season brings trees of every size, shape and design imaginable. Themed trees that look too perfect to be real abound. In earlier years I tried my hand at those kinds of trees. While they are pretty, I found there to be something lacking. The older my kids got, the more I let go of the idea of a perfect tree....more


 DANCE LIKE THERE IS NO TOMORROW….I often have heard “Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow….” And truly I live much of my life like this. Yes, I plan and prepare for the future and embrace the past, but I fully live in today……I believe in enjoying our Now Moments more than any other moments in the past or future….I cherish my past, look forward to my future, and yet I Dance Like There Is No Tomorrow…....more

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