Hot August day. I am waiting for the storm to erupt.  I am not feeling kosher, not copacetic at all.  In other words everything is not ducky.  I am seeing life through jaundiced eyes.  Do not worry!  I am not blaming you or anyone else.  Do not take it personally....more

Blizzard of Oz Redux: Who Owns the Snow?

Today brings a well-publicized winter storm, already living up to its hype and offering the rare phenomenon of thunder snow. This serene view from Flat Rock Creek belies the vehicular chaos reigning on area highways, many of which are now closed down and littered with abandoned cars. Schools, malls, bus routes, and even the airports have closed as the snowfall per hour ramps up....more

the storm reveals the gold...

"A flood once washed away a poor man's home and mill, taking with it everything he owned in the world. He stood at the scene of his great loss, brokenhearted and discouraged. Yet after the waters had subsided, he saw something shining in the riverbanks that the flood had washed bare. 'It looks like gold,' he said. And it was gold. The storm that had impoverished him...made him rich....more

A Storm of Our Own

After a storm of "epic magnitude" which wasn't really as bad as we expected it to be, life has returned to normal - except for our two-year-old's steadfast refusal to put away his snowpants and boots.  One could say that we had a bit of a storm of epic magnitude right here in our living room.For an hour and a half....more
Nice post, honeybuns. :-)more

The Storm Will "Rapidly Deteriorate" Beginning at Six. It's Six!

It's six o'clock so I put on my full winter gear and went down to check out the ocean.  Just twenty feet from our house, I slipped!  Unmelodramitcally, it was not from the wind, but just because the ground is slick....more
I respect your brave journey to the sea! Thanks for the video!more

Hmm - The Storm Coming is of "Epic Magnitude" - That's a Bit Disconcerting

So the storm is coming.  We're used to storms here, but this one has the town a bit spooked.  The NOAA website has this posted: AGAIN...THIS WILL BE EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND LIFE THREATENINGSTORM OF AN EPIC MAGNITUDE RARELY EXPERIENCED. ALL PEOPLEIN THE AREA SHOULD TAKE PRECAUTIONS TO SAFEGUARD THEIR LIVESAND PROPERTY.Humm...What does one DO when reading that without overreacting....more
it is a bit scary when official news places use words like "epic" and phrases like "storm of the ...more

Storm is Brewing!

What was I thinking! I thought I'd have all day today to clean and prepare and find our shovels and find the headlamp my son has hidden and draw water after carefully cleaning our random assortment of buckets....but I don't think that will be the case.Outside it is dark and the wind is whistling and blowing gusts of snow down the ice polished streets.  Whistling isn't really the right word.  Nor is singing.  Nor is howling.  The wind is somewhere inbetween, making a decent amount of noise and readying the town for the upcoming event.  ...more

Eggnog and Rum, A Long Day and A Blizzard Coming

Usually I look forward to a good storm - I enjoy the wildness of it and the energy, as well as the chance to hang out at home OR to get all dressed up and go trudging around in it as if I'm a really tough Arctic explorer....more
and that's 8-9 feet rise in sea level (not waves, those are going to be 24-30 feet)!more

Last Summer Storm

Heidi @TheBusyNothings.comHere in the south we get the blazingly hot weather unexpectedly. It can be a frosty morning with a record high in the 90's by 3pm. I love the unpredictability of it all, I usually dress Bear wrong for school- shorts on the cool days and long-sleeves on the hot days....more

This too Shall Pass

Right now there's a storm rolling in. A big one. shall I rather say one in physical form and a proverbial storm that began circling early this morning We woke up to the sun just starting to peek through the shades on the window and then, the darkness set in....more