We had a good visit this weekend with our buddies Juls and Tim and today we went for a beach walk....more


I hate to contradict the FlyLady's motto, "You are not behind", but I am a day behind in writing my posts.  To make up, I'm going to start from where I am....more

Transportation cocoon

We had a little stretch of weather the past two days....more

Storms Will Come, Rain Doesn’t Last Forever. Praise God No Matter the Season!

To walk on water, you have to first get out the boat. God is able. All other ground is sinking sand. On Christ, the solid rock, stand!Pick your battles today. You have a choice. To give in to the enemy and let him have his way or let God have His way. God has the final say....more
Amen! You're welcome. To God be the glory. Isn't He awesome and amazing. God is our everything. ...more

Rainy Days and Nor'easters...

One thing about us: we always loved the shore in no matter what theweather. Sun, showers, snow, nor’easters…we are pushovers for theweather. We came down last night and had a good seafood dinner that was from ourlocal Moose lodge.They got new chefs and it showed. Scallops stuffedwith crab meat is what both Jim and I had. This morning we were out walking the girls, and then went to breakfast.You have to remember when it’s a holiday weekend here-tables fill up fast. We’ll stay through Mass tomorrow morning and head back up. Enjoy your Saturday! ...more

Are You Prepared?

As I write this, Hurricane Sandy is pummeling the East Coast.  Friends of mine as well as strangers all across social media are reporting power outages, downed trees, and even an entire facade of a building collapsed in New York City.  Here in the Midwest, we don't feel the threat of hurricanes like our coastal brothers and sisters do.  But we certainly have our fair share of horrific weather....more

~In the Storms~

Life happens.  When it rains it pours and sometimes you get gail force winds right on top of everything else.  Things can really suck.  It’s hard to not look back over the past year and a half and to not get depressed.  Disappearing family, broken homes, two family dogs lost, emergency surgery, cancer, seizures, bills, migraines, deva...more
@TruthsfromtheChaos You're exactly right, God does have "this" all of this, from the first drop ...more

A Rough Morning

Texas had a huge storm system roll through this morning.  From about 1 a.m. on, I spent hours trying to comfort my Aussie, Emma.  She is a rescue that is terrified of rain and thunder.  Around 2 to 3 a.m., we were receiving hundreds of lightning strikes and non-stop thunder. Needless to say, I am totally exhausted!!  Emma and my other dog, Max?  Sound asleep now and snoring away!  Life sometimes just isn't fair!...more

City of Guelph Snow “Plows Won’t Start Until Snow Storms Are Over”!

This is the headline I saw in the local Guelph Tribune upon returning home from a trip.   Furried, I ripped the article out of the paper to set aside to blog about....more

Oh Irene

Despite the weather reports that were growing ominous, and the invites from friends and relatives who live inland to stay with them when the storm hit, my husband, Marc, and I really believed Irene was more hype than reality. Sure, we had an ear peeled for the reports, but we figured it was just going to be another storm to hit the beach that we could ride out, along with my mom who was visiting from out of town....more
@victorias_view Oh, it was... but, little Alex amazed me again... he was so brave, and good... ...more