The Story of Cosmetics: What Carcinogens Lurk in Your Shampoo?

Baby shampoo with formaldehyde, lipstick laced with lead -- consumer products we find in the beauty and personal care aisles everyday -- then buy, take home and use, unaware of the risks to our long-term health. ...more

I agree Herbal Essences definitely induces eeks! That stuff is anything but herbal! :P


iPad Frenzy and the Story of Stuff

The past few days there have been hundreds of stories about the release of the iPad. Stories about standing in line to buy it, stories about why it's a great product, stories about why it's not a great product, stories about why you should buy one, stories about why you shouldn't buy one. It's a media frenzy around the shiny new tablet from Apple. ...more

Priorities are one of the points in the book. For example, the priority in the Reduce, Reuse, ...more