Bump In The Night

This is the hallway from my bedroom to my office. ...more

How NOT to tell your company's story - example from Million Dollar Listings

Undoubtedly, every real estate agent featured on Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles is the cream of the crop, which is why I was surprised to watch the Brits commit the biggest mistake in storytelling – the inside-out view....more



A Borrowed Identity to Fill the Silence.

Book Review: ‘Storytelling: The Indispensable Art of Entrepreneurism” by Rudy A. Mazzocchi

Storytelling isn’t only for writers or Hollywood producers, and this book is a great resource for people who are starting a business or venturing into the world of entrepreneurship....more

Obsession: The Walking Dead

Emily Wenstrom | Read more at Creative Juicer | Follow me on TwitterNew regular feature! When I love something, I quickly sink from appreciation to obsession, and from obsession to inspiration. And then I want to talk about my new obsession. With everyone....more
I recently mainlined the first 15 volumes of the series. I agree that the plot is compelling. I ...more

"We are all, Despite Ourselves, Drenched in Narrative"

"Long, long ago, in a village far away..."And so begins a story that holds our attention all through dinner. Benjamin, my 8-year old, told a story that he'd heard at school, with such skill that I was on the edge of my seat, wide-eyed and crying at one point. Such heroism. Such love. He just waited patiently for me to stop blubbing and continued on to the climatic ending, at which I was breathless.What an amazing story....more
You have such an incredible way with words.  I love reading your posts...and on a different ...more

Our Kids Would Be Boring without "No"

The idea for this post was suggested to me by my friend Alice in early October. She had noticed that in many books she was reading to her daughter, the word NO, or the denial of permission, was used as a plot device. Alice mentioned Robert Munsch's use of "No," NNNNno," and "Nononononono" as a device in many of his stories....more
Emily - I know! It's kind of nice to think that in responding to the "no"s, we're actually ...more

The Power of Storytelling

As the end of the year approaches I find myself thinking a lot about stories -- the stories I've told, the stories I've read, and the stories that all of you have shared with us. As I reflect on all the stories that I connected to in 2012, and wonder what stories I'll hear in 2013, I keep coming back to Litlove's post on the power of stories. Inspired after hearing two authors speak, she reflects on the ways that we use -- and abuse -- storytelling....more
@Karen Ballum Lina Srivastava also wrote a very thought provoking post on the power of ...more