Powerful Copywriting with Purposeful Storytelling + Responsible Vulnerability

The kind of things I share with my readers and subscribers could make my mom jealous.The intimacy, relationship and TRUST I’ve built with my community are the most valuable assets I’ve in my business....more

Why green beans have strings

My grandfather used to make up stories about the garden, he was a wonderful storyteller with a vivid imagination. I am going to share one of his stories with you. He made them up on the spot to persuade me to eat my veggies, there is a whole series featuring cauliflower, cabbage, corn, you get the idea. This one is of course about beans....more

Blogging and digital content: how to tell the tale

If you ask any aspiring or new blogger about the one thing that they most fear in their blogging career , the majority will say “coming out”. Coming out as a blogger, especially in a place like Cyprus where people are either lawyers or accountants, almost always carries connotations of being a hobbyist, a person without a real job or someone who likes to show off their wardrobe or expensive trips abroad....more

Why Harry Potter Must Be Punished

It turns out that Umbridge was doing the right thing. Not for Harry, of course – that poor kid had enough on his plate - but for the story. ...more
Alexis Langelaarmore

Let's Mix It Up: Sharing Stories Across Generations

hannahpirnie / Pixabay ...more

Bump In The Night

This is the hallway from my bedroom to my office. ...more

How NOT to tell your company's story - example from Million Dollar Listings

Undoubtedly, every real estate agent featured on Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles is the cream of the crop, which is why I was surprised to watch the Brits commit the biggest mistake in storytelling – the inside-out view....more