I Was Scared On So Many Levels

There are two things I am most fearful of:1. Heights and2. Dealing with people who have hurt me (or my family) in the past.This past weekend, my husband Scott and I traveled to Chicago to celebrate my youngest step-son's graduation from Navy bootcamp.I was really excited to see a little glimpse of Fall, do some site seeing and to feel cool weather....more

From the Wise Old Owls at You Know Hoo

Daily Prompt ~ #NaBloPoMo November 3Write about an amazing imaginary brand or organization you'd love to work with. What would their pitch to you look like? What would your post say?From The Wise Old Owls At You Know Hoo Dear Ms....more

How NOT to tell your company's story - example from Million Dollar Listings

Undoubtedly, every real estate agent featured on Million Dollar Listings Los Angeles is the cream of the crop, which is why I was surprised to watch the Brits commit the biggest mistake in storytelling – the inside-out view....more

The Power of Owning Our Stories

I don't believe in accidental coincidences. The universe is always conspiring and giving us fodder. It is up to us whether we take the time to listen, digest and act....more
I could feel your spunk and passion bleeding from every passage.  Thank you for being you!  The ...more

A Call for Little Stories

My mother recently asked me if I would ever write a novel. I said, no, because I'm just not that creative. Why should I make up people, places and situations when I find such fascination and joy within the confines of our social groups?  The real stories of ordinary people are the fabric of our collective story as a whole....more

Listen To Your Mother Came to Portland

Listen To Your Mother came to Portland. I know. I was there. 32 cities across the country each produced a local show that featured 90 minutes worth of stories that were honest, shocking, raw, inspirational, validating, familiar, hilarious and new. Over a thousand stories that took the stereotype of motherhood -- any stereotype: soccer mom, adoptive mom, stay at home mom, sitcom mom, hippy mom, absent mom -- and tore them open to reveal a unique portrait of human life. ...more

Now My Child And I Are Going To Die...

There's a heartbeat sounding in my ears."See mom, these are the Hot Wheels I want to keep, because they have moving parts."  The rest can go to the fundraiser.Moving parts are always more interesting.Thump-thump.I hear the crashing sound of a demolition crew.  Wait....  That's not right.  I'm sitting at a stop light.  I'm at an intersection on the edge of town.  Nothing but trees and cacti on my right.I turn to my left.  Heartbeat.There's an infinity in the space between moments.  Did I leave my body?...more
Thank you JohndeGruyther !more

TNG: Darmok

So, don't hold me to this because I might change my mind when "Tapestry" rolls around but I think that "Darmok" is my favorite episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation.If you're unfamiliar with this episode, basically, the Enterprise is scheduled to meet with a group of aliens called the Tamarians. No one's ever been able to successfully cross the language barrier with them but Captain Picard is feeling smugly sure of his ability to communicate. He even makes a smug face:...more