Tell Me That Family Horror Story Again...

Nothing will jar you on a Friday morning like your 3-year-old daughter piping up from the back seat, “Mommy, tell me that story about the time Gaggie cut off your arms and feet and head again!”Gaggie, for those of you who are wondering about the identity of my attacker, is my dad.  Who, for the record, has never cut off my arms, feet, or head.  Not once.  So you can imagine that I was somewhat confused about which story, specifically, Ladybug was asking for....more

Gin and Juice Blues

As I promised, here's the original story, with the original title, that I sent to Will for the radio story project. People who have heard me tell a Melvyn story or two, or who have met him, will be able to hear his rough, smoker's voice, I think. That's problem with sharing a written version of a story that was created to be told aloud: the audience can't hear the voices like I expect they will when I write it.Disclaimers aside, here's the story. ...more

On the radio

Back in February I wrote about winning a story slam. A couple of days later, a fellow storyteller Will (who is also a hilarious stand-up comedian and who runs the department at the library that helps my students with all things tech) asked me to work on a storytelling project he was doing for our local public radio station. Of course I said yes....more

A Storyteller's Work

Before a recent performance, someone asked me, "How do you learn your stories? Do you just read them in a book and then tell them?" How simple it would be if that were the case. Developing a story for performance takes time, research, thought, practice and a bit of luck....more

To Tell a Story

(Posted on I spent hours as a child, huddled under the covers with a flashlight, reading. I read classics and contemporaries, young adult books and very adult books, anything I could get my hands on. Some times, many times, I would stop and reread a passage aloud. I'd read it to my parents and later to boyfriends and later still to my husband. And if there was no one to read it to, I'd read it aloud anyway, letting the sound of my own voice speaking someone else's words bounce around in my ears....more

Now's the Perfect Time to Remember Ancestors

Reading Storytime Yoga's latest Kids Storybook kit, The Skeleton's Ball, it reminded me that "fall is the time when things are dying and passing away. It’s the time to recognize grief, remember ancestors and others in our life who have died."...more

The Unwritten History of a Recipe

A strange thing happened this afternoon.As I leaned back against the kitchen sink, my eyes drifted from our grandson's red-crayon drawing held by a magnet on the refrigerator to the top of the appliance. I spied my wooden recipe box, won in a Newman's Own contest years ago.I hadn't opened it since I moved to the farm four years ago. ...more


This is the story that Z told me about she arrived in our family."I once was a baby lion and I lived in Ireland. My momma lion loved me very much and would lick my forehead all the time. I never really saw the daddy lion, but he was big and strong.One day while I was walking along smelling flowers and chasing butterflies, a big bird with a very long mouth (beak) scooped me up and put me in his clouch.""Clouch? What is a clouch?", I ask....more

Our sacred stories

“Oral tradition in its ceremonial and ritual aspects rests on female power.”  (Paula Gunn Allen)...more

Change for Life

  Buddhists say change is the only constant in this world. They aren't kidding.  ...more