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I just watched a wonderful video of Elizabeth Gilbert, author of ...more

Thinking Outside the Box: Vlogging with Video Snapshots and Photos

As Karen Walrond of Chookooloonks proved last week with her BlogHer '10: 4 Days in 4 Minutes movie, a vlog or video doesn't have be someone talking to the camera. Live-action shots are not a must -- think outside the box! ...more

It is a stripped down version of Windows Movie Maker but it was redesigned for easier combining ...more

YouTube Wants Your Video for A Life In A Day Project

On July 24, 2010, YouTubers, videobloggers, mobile recorders and all manner of visual recording creative people will be focused on recording the entire day. A Life in A Day is going to be a global, multi-lingual experiment to create a documentary movie that is open to the entire planet. ...more

If there could be contributions from diverse populations that is what would make it a success. ...more

Vampires Versus The Tooth Fairy: How Do You Talk About Storybook Monsters With Your Kids?

If I'm committed to encouraging my daughter's imagination and love of story and fantasy, how do I treat the fantastical stories that her playmates come up with? Do I treat vampires differently than I do, say, the Tooth Fairy or the Easter Bunny or Santa Claus? Why am I so tempted to discriminate on the basis of (seeming) monstrosity? ...more

To me adding in the occasional witch and vampire to the princess storyline adds depth and ...more

Firewheel: A Mother-Daughter Story

Before the land was anyone’s but its own, a Mother and Daughter lived in these fields. The floor of their home was the prairie grass, the walls the wild rose bushes, and the ceilings the giant-leafed sycamore trees. ...more

Stories are Keys: An Interview with Tim Tingle

Stories are keys that unlock life’s mystery, beauty, and purpose. A bold statement, yes. And I believe it. Stories change our lives. They tell us about and shape our identity. Choctaw storyteller Tim Tingle says, “The stories of your family and friends are your key to who you are and how you came to be.” ...more

Why Do We Tell Stories?

I was word hungry. I needed something to scratch a brain cell. It took a few hours but the term narrative discourse finally arrived for exploration. That began my journey. The narrative is how you tell the story; linear, non-linear, verbal, pictorial. It also includes the grammatical construction. My understanding of discourse is the methods used to tell the construct the tale. The story is the final product. ...more

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Storytelling: When You Hear the Bell, Turn the Page

When my in-laws were packing up their house to move, my husband discovered a huge pile of story albums. I practically drooled over them -- but there was no record player in the house. ...more

I had a Disney collection, including a Disney record player that I believe had Dumbo on it. I ...more


(A short story taken from my novel, In Good Company. Written in Patois) One late night when de moon was full an’ bright, ah was walking in de back roads ah Cocorite Village near de Calabash Alley. Ah jus’ come from de bar wey all meh friends was limin’ an’ causin’ ruction. Ah know ah was drunk as hell, an’ meh steps nuh eh time, buh ah still know wey ah was goin’. Ah walk, an’ walk, an’ walk, until ah reach near ah forest. Buh me eh t’ink nuthin’ cause ah does walk dey ...more

Ok just so I just finished reading the story and I'm more


Now you can hear me telling a story online, through a podcast I did this week with Eric Fritzius of West Virginia Writers.Click here to go to the website where you can hear the podcast.How cool is that. The Internet never ceases to amaze me. ...more