Natural High

I'm just home from tonight's storytelling performance, and I'm on a natural high, the kind that comes from knowing that what happened was exactly right and perfect and could not have been better. Ah, what a feeling! The audience was a group of developmentally challenged young adults, aged 17-27. The place was a weeklong summer camp that included classes, sports, and entertainment. I was tonight's entertainment. ...more

la familia mazunte, soñadores

the shaman who gave us his blessing repeated, again and again, "for health, for wealth, for mind, for heart, for the next generation...". he said, "you must stay together always" and he beat his man-made bird's wing on our bodies, blew resin smoke in our faces, shoved mats of lemongrass under our feet, and in each of our hands placed an offering (to our collective soul, i suppose). ...more

thanks for posting this. it's like dreaming.





A Story about Sharing Stories

I am happy tonight. A young storyteller from Hungary, attending college in the US, emailed to ask permission to tell a story I wrote. Mine, all mine! Or are they? Her request makes me happy for several reasons: the story was good enough to appeal deeply to someone else the story speaks across cultures the story will live on because it is being told ...more

Try this at home

I tried it and I swear it's true. Strike a match in the bathroom when it's really stinky (for 'natural' reasons) and the odor will disappear. Hunh? Why and how does this work? Try it yourself and let me know if it works for you. ...more

Flickr Stories - True Tales and Snapshots

I'm fond of taking pictures, but I am not a photographer. The noble endeavor of photography is an activity best avoided by non-arty philistines like me. I do, however, think of myself as an old school snapshot taker who loves to take pictures to tell a story. I am such an old school snapshot taker that I used to own and wield the lazy woman's snapshot machine, a Kodak Instamatic camera. ...more

Dearest AP, the Queen of North Carolina Bloggers - Warm greetings to you, my friend. Yes, I get ...more

All the stories you read will be true

I realise that nobody except Kim Pearson on this Blog site really knows me . That my stories may require your to stretch your credibility factors as I tell my stories. The stories that I tell are true. I have had an unusual life.I may change the characters names a little to protect the innocent rather than expose the guilty. So if you read my body of work know that I am probably not exaggerating well ,maybe a little bit but only to provide a linear device to a non-linear situation . I thank you, in advance for the minutes you'll allowed me to take up in your day. ...more

Words in a Row: A Case of Mysterious Identity

Vivian Vance and her sister owned the house I call my own. They lived in this simple cracked-stucco box on the edge of the Great Plains, where Mother Earth New Mexico gives birth to a flat-chested Oklahoman girl, a long-legged Texas boy. When Vivian as Ethel Mertz told Lucy Ricardo that she grew up in the Land of Enchantment, she wasn't kidding. I imagine her tooling along the Turquoise Trail outside of Santa Fe in a silver-finned convertible while her handkerchief-covered curls catch white sage and sharp bits of tumbleweed. On purpose, of course. Vivian was that kind of gal. ...more

that I'm afraid to go with mine.

I'm beginning, with these lessons, to see how you do it. ...more