Teaching Kids About Stranger Danger Without Scarring Them for Life

This afternoon, Maximilien was playing with a friend and he went around the corner of the building to chase after his paper airplane but then he did not re-appear right away. I waited three heartbeats before going after him. I turned the corner and he wasn't there. Then I turned the next corner and there he was... talking to a stranger. A man who was crouched down near Max with his hand on his shoulder. I can't explain the feelings I felt in that moment; before I knew it, I was yelling his name louder than I ever had....more

Interesting post and thread about a tricky subject. Both fostering a sense of trust and not ...more

Stranger Danger 101

Stranger Danger 101 Tonight I had one of those feelings that I needed to have a conversation with my son about the "real" world. I don't know what brought the feeling on, but I attempted to address it as best I could. My son is in cub scouts and a few months ago, while reading through the manual, I took mental note of a section teaching kids about lurking dangers in today's society....more

I hope I see her again

This girl walked in the store looking for stuff from the fifties for her sister’s birthday. She came over to me and said “don’t you get bored here all day alone? I said “yes” She said “do you have any bored games I’d play with you? “No.” I said. “I like your tattoo it is real? I asked. “No but I wish it was she said. Can you tell what it is? I look at it. I think I know but I’m too scared to say anything I say “I’m not sure.” She says “sure you can.” Making me feel like I can do anything and know everything. “It’s an m ...more

"I Wanna Hold Your Baby!" -- 8 Steps for Reducing Stranger Anxiety

Fear of strangers is a very real aspect of “growing up” for babies and children, but coping with stranger anxiety means learning to avoid hurt feelings while also respecting a child’s needs. When a relative, especially a grandparent, comes to visit hoping to find open arms, it can be difficult for them to understand that at a certain age almost all babies begin to fear strangers, related or not. How can you help your family members to cooperate with this very real fear? ...more

Poll Results: Would you let your child walk to school alone?

Poll Results We know for a fact (The Center For Disease Control & Prevention reports) that violent crimes against children are down 40% since 1973 (50 in 1000) and that kidnapping makes up less than 2% of those crimes. Would you let your child walk to school alone? 48% said Yes 52% said No Keeping Your Child Safe On The Street ...more

What Every Mummy (And Daddy) Should Know To Keep Their Kids Safe During Halloween

With Halloween fast approaching, Larry and Kimberly Elliott of Executive Defense Technology are doing a lot of radio and TV interviews on Halloween safety for your kids. An area that they are being quizzed on is safety tips for teenagers that head out for a night of fun. ...more