Don't Let Anyone Touch My Kid!

What would you do when a caretaker, whether it's a grandparent or sitter do something that you don't agree with or makes you uncomfortable in regards to your child?  That's right, you say something!  Well, I had one of those moments with my mother in law.  My mother in law is a sweet woman.  She sees the good in everyone and everything.  She would talk to anyone and would have a conversation for hours and to her it's like she made a new best friend.  I like that she is a free spirited person grew up in the hippie era, everyone was wild and free and everybo...more

Teaching My Daughters the Three R's

"You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are set forth."-Kahlil GibranI am not a daredevil."You are the bows from which your children as living arrows are set forth."-Kahlil Gibran ...more

Look Mommy, Strangers!

A few weeks ago I was leaving the gym with the kids and Liv asked to go by the pool on the way out. There's a window where you can watch people swim and she loves it, especially when the lifeguards see her and wave. So we sat there for a minute, both of them with their hands and foreheads pressed on the glass. As we turned to leave, a friendly older man came by and smiled at them, then asked if he could give them a high-five. I said yes, and they all "fived" before we started to walk out....more
@TheKitchenWitch This is a super late reply, but I like this idea! We used to have a code word ...more

The Myth of the Boogey Man: Arresting Mom for Unsupervised Play

Tammy Cooper is just like me; she lives on a quiet cul-de-sac and she lets her children ride their scooters along the neighborhood street. The only difference between this Mom and me is she was arrested for allowing her kids, ages six and nine, to play outside watching from “only a few feet away.” All it took was the judgment of one neighbor and a phone call to the police that has turned Tammy’s life upside down. ...more
That is insane to me. 1) how embarassing 2) who is it for someone to judge. It's hard to believe ...more

Stranger-Danger Message Puts Kids at Risk

The arrest of a man who's confessed to killing 6-year old Etan Patz in 1979 has gotten people abuzz about the dangers of strangers. "Stranger-danger, remember?!" I overheard a mom warn her daughter at the playground on the beach this past weekend. But children are rarely abducted by strangers....more

Teaching Kids About Safety: Sometimes It's the Stranger Who's in Danger

True: We may have been a smidge on the antisocial side when we stepped into the elevator that day. It had been a long afternoon. We didn’t say hello or ask how you were doing or pass out party favors and ask for song requests. We just settled our collective gaze on the floor. It didn’t occur to me that maybe you were waiting for me to say something. But I did pick up on your hostility when I sensed your head turn and aim right at our little three-person huddle. Not a quick gander, mind you. I don’t like being stared at. Moreover, it ain’t cool to stare at my offspring. So you were already giving me the heebies before you piped up with this: “HELLO to you, too. YEAH, I get it. Strangers are DANGER, right? Especially with ‘kids’ around.”...more
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Not the school's it?

This is a big local story today - Student Leaves Campus - and I have to say that it terrifies me.  There are so many thing wrong iwth this story I am not even sure where to begin!  I will start by saying what no one else has said.  I don't think the school is really to blame here.  I know- you must be shocked, right?  You automatically want to blame the school because the idea that a kid could sneak off of campus is a little farfetched, right?  Not...more

The Power of Denial: Parenting in the Age of Fear

Recently, one of my best friends was out biking in a very safe neighborhood with her husband and two children. Suddenly, her nine year old son disappeared. Her first thought was that he’d been abducted. Then, she tried to calm down, since his aunt lives in the neighborhood and it was more likely he took off for her house. After much biking around and yelling, they arrived back at the aunt’s house, and there he was. My friend didn’t scream about abduction at him, just yelled at him for not letting them know he was taking independent action....more