Weekend Menu Planning: It's Time for Strawberries

It's a definite sign of spring when you start to see strawberries going on sale in your favorite market. Of course, fresh strawberries are so delicious you don't really need a recipe to enjoy them, but if you want to get a little more creative than just popping them into your mouth, this week I noticed some especially interesting strawberry recipes on my favorite food blogs. I'm betting more than one of these ideas will look good to you, and if you have another note-worthy recipe using strawberries, please share in the comments! ...more
@myhocuspocus Chocolate-dipped strawberry! Easy-to-make and highly addictive :Dmore

Weekend Menu Planning: More Ideas for Strawberry Season

There's no doubt it's strawberry season in the U.S. Every time I check my feed reader to see what fellow bloggers have been cooking, I see bright red strawberries being used in interesting ways. Alanna has already given us ideas for Fabulous Strawberry Desserts, but if you're lucky enough to have plenty of strawberries where you live, here are suggestions for other strawberry dishes you might want to add to the menu for this weekend. ...more

I've never tried strawberries with spinach but I'm thinking it sounds good.

Kalyn Denny