Strawberry Chia Jam

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Strawberry Jam Cookies For A Ruby Red Christmas

These jam sandwich cookies are delightful to bake for a great Christmas treat at home. Making them is simple; assembling them is fun too. The ruby red colour of the jam peering out of the hole at the center of each cookie – like that of a glittering gem – would beckon to even the most nonchalant guest at a party....more

Fresh Taste of Spring with Homemade Strawberry Jam

Warm, sunny days with the sounds of birds chirping.  People are walking more and just a bit nicer as you pass on the street.  The garden centers are packed with people buying plants to landscape their yards.  There is a type of hope after the cold dreary days of winter start to thaw.  Admittedly, Central Florida does not have that long of cold weather, but the skies get a bit cloudy and sad.  This is our dry season here....more
@Karen Ballum That was when I always made jam up in Michigan.  It is funny how Florida ...more

Sharing Is Caring

There has been no shortage of goodies coming out of my borrowed sweet kitchen in Fort Lauderdale. Not only did the food curb the cravings of my sweet tooth (and a wee bit of homesickness), there are also enough to go around to share with friends old and new in Florida....more

Things a Monkey Could Cook: Sour Cream French Toast with Strawberry Jam

Now of course French Toast is really just your standard eggs and toast in a more sweetly beguiling disguise—should one be needed—and I’m thinking primarily about those of you out there who for one reason or another are begging skeptical children to eat some eggs. It’s also a bit more elegant, some might say—should sophistication be your desire...more

Vintage Label for Your Strawberry Jam

  A Vintage gift label for your strawberry jam      ...more

On Phobias, Procrastination and Strawberry Jam

I procrastinate. Not about everything although Mon Mari would probably disagree. The things that I put off are likely the same things you do, if you do; buying kid birthday presents for parties, cleaning out the file cabinet, sorting and sending the mountain of paperwork the French government requires for subsidized health care....more