Netflix: We're Breaking Up. (Qwikster, Us Too.)

Netflix.They're like the boyfriend I told to help clean the apartment or I was going to leave him even though I loved him because he obviously didn't respect me and refused to "hear" me and then he still didn't help clean the apartment AND SO I LEFT HIM.Like about 1,000,000 other people who have or are planning to ditch them by the end of September, I've warned them about the thin ice they were skating around on....more
I stayed with Netflix for brand love, but we're DVD-only people, and now they've taken the brand ...more

What's Sitting Under Your TV?

I read carrie actually's post called I'm Going Streaming Only with my Netflix Plan and it occurred to me that she's part of a big trend. You're probably part of the trend, too. ...more

a vcd/dvd player but its also rarely used, we have a cable subscription for national geographic, ...more

Netflix's Disappointing Arrival in Canada

On the outside looking in, Netflix always seemed like the holy grail of video rental. Sure I've dabbled with and have friends who swear by iTunes Canada, but somehow they always seemed lacking in comparison. When I found out that they were coming, I signed up for email alerts and eagerly read about their press conference. When it was revealed that there were paid actors at the press event my opinion of Netflix fell quite a few notches before I had even clicked over to their new website. ...more

Sad! I live in the US, and I love Netflix. There are so many movies available instantly, and the ...more

New Search Tools Emphasize Visual Images in Online News & Information

Steaming video and pictures are taking on a new importance online. Microsoft and Google have two new visual search features to allow users sort through popular search categories by using pictures.  ...more