"Puttin' on the Ritz" in Vienna

 I have become rather fascinated by the Street Art since living in Europe. In particular the form of Street Art delivered via the medium of stencils, some of which can be found in the area of Gersthof, located in Vienna, where I live. Every time I come across a stencil I haven’t seen or an improved image of one, (or a coal chutes for that matter), I just can’t help snapping them. ...more

What I Learned in Paris #1: Birdy Kids

While in Paris a few weeks ago, I received a post from the blog Telling HerStories: The Broad View by Sheila Bender titled "A Strategy for Travel Writing".  In her post, Bender wrote about a technique her daughter used while describing her experiences during a...more

Belleville: Street Art in Paris

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keeper of the gate

would you like some elbow grease with that cocktail? ...more

New York City Street Art – Kids’ Stuff or Serious Business?

(To see the photographs that go with this text, please click on my blog, "A Rolling Crone.") http://arollingcrone.blogspot.com I spent last weekend (May 13 – 15) visiting Manhattan, doing chores and seeing people. I fully intended to go to the Metropolitan Museum to take in some interesting new exhibits, but I never got there. But while running around Park, Madison and Fifth Avenues, I got a major dose of art which was just sitting around on the street. ...more

Exit through the MOCA: "Thumbs Up for Street Art" by Brian Leiken, Guest Blogger

Exit through the MOCA: Thumbs Up for Street Art by Brian Leiken, Guest Blogger ...more

Month of Movies: Academy Blows It by Barring Banksy from Attending Oscars in Disguise

Let's pretend you are a producer of the Academy Awards show or a member of the esteemed organization that hosts the annual event. You are compelled to keep your show exciting, rewarded with viewers and relevant to a worldwide audience with increasing competition for their attention every year. So someone nominated for an award this year wants to attend, but he needs to attend in disguise, his face covered to protect his anonymity. Kind of cool, right? What would you do? ...more

I'm going to go against popular opinion -- not anti-Banksy, but he sort of ruined it for me with ...more

the i heart ny t-shirt is heartless

the t-shirt that keeps on ticking. It started as a design solution for a campaign commissioned by the State of New York in 1976....more

graffiti t-shirts and 5pointz

...new york city graffiti inspires fun t-shirt designs Although the street sign at the corner of Jackson Avenue and Davis Street in Long Island City, Queens, New York reads, “DEAD END,” it is anything but. ...more