Gym Update - 2014 #1

Honestly, I have to tell you. I haven't been regular at the gym, any gym, in over 2 years. Initially, there was a bit of distance/time issue. Then there was a pregnancy/work excuse. After that, I don't know. Either way, I'm here to say that I'm back at the gym.I told myself that I wasn't going to just have another gym membership on paper. I'll never feel quite right about myself and my body again if I don't get back to it. Now, this isn't to say that I'll be happy with my body, just that I can (hopefully) gain more acceptance of it....more

Born Strong

Ladies, while growing up and expected to be "the weaker sex" , at what point did you feel strong and what made you feel that way?  I'm paraphrasing but, that was the question that author, college professor and fellow blogger Rebecca Hains asked her readers recently on her Facebook page.  After giving it some thought I discovered that this is a harder question to answer than I thought it should be, but I couldn't figure out why.  Why couldn't I think of when I felt that it was okay to be strong or that moment that made me feel strong? ...more
Barbarahughes  I think most of us grow into our strength later in our lives particularly after ...more

Strong. For the Zombies.

Feeling strong is pretty cool.I remember very clearly how I used to feel, and it was weak. No upper body strength, could barely run for 2 minutes, exhausted for no reason at the end of every day and absolutely NO CORE STRENGTH....more

Intimidations' Mask

This last week I have learned much from watching myself respond or not, to people who were, shall we say, not in their best grounded state of being. I am being extremely diplomatic , in describing them; where in the comfort of my own home, I have let my mouth wander...I don't get intimidated easily, in fact one of the things I have learned in my business is, that money, power, influence are nothing to someone who is hurting or struggling, and we all feel things that are painful. Vulnerability holds no affluence, it taps us all on the shoulder asking for some ~real. Some raw....more

I Am Strong

Whatever strength I have in me comes from Love.I am loved hard, and I love hard in return.I've written on my blog ad nauseam about my PTSD, anger, fears and worries as regards my husband's last major health crisis (or his health in general). Those are the things I'm not proud of, that I struggle with and have to work through.But there was something else. Something I had forgotten about, or failed to see or was overshadowed by the fear....more

Stop Being Too Nice

Can you be too nice during divorce? Absolutely!Being too nice during your divorce can cost you…money, assets and even the kids.  I’ve heard many stories of regret and loss due to taking the ‘high road’ and being ‘nice’.  This is especially true for us women as we are raised to be caring and nurturing. It’s part of our feminine quality.  It’s double true for women who make the decision to leave.  They, more than anyone are troubled with guilt which leads to being too nice and trying to keep everyone happy....more

She said No

So when everyone left my cousin's house, I decided to sleep in the guest room. My best friend Detroit said he was getting picked up soon so he was gonna hang out with me until he did. Detroit and I had a special bond that I felt was unbreakable. He was my best friend, besides Cali, of course. So it didn't bother me that he was there one bit. I laid down. Exhausted from the day, I was ready to sleep. Detroit sat at the foot of the bed talking on the phone to who I assumed was his ride. I heard him hang up the phone as I drifted to sleep. ...more

Power To The Weak and Strength To The Powerless

Have you ever gone to get a simple auto repair and left after paying an incomprehensible bill? Have you ever found yourself falsely accused for a mistake at work? Have you ever been verbally or physically abused? How do you respond?These are all situations that can make us feel vulnerable. Powerless. Defeated....more

A "Me Day"

Good Morning Bloggies Saturday Morning “ahhhhh” stretch, yawn, and stay put in that bed for a little while! Isn’t that the best? When you know you don’t have to jump right out of bed? Usually for me though, I have to. Phoebe jumps on my chest which is my clue meaning “mama I have to go potty”....more

July Exercise Challenge: Lose that Arm Jiggle!

Ask and ye shall receive! I was asked for more upper body sculpting in the July challenge….however there was a lot of dislike for the June Challenge push ups (which are a fabulous upper body workout!) So, despite the fact that I have been trying to keep these workouts as “prison” workouts (i.e....more