The Case for Running Backwards

There was a lady in our old neighborhood who used to walk up and down the sidewalks backwards.  Sometimes she carried what appeared to be two gallon jugs of drinking water, one in each hand.  She was very thin, made all her own clothes, and had a very complex relationship with her health.  She was extremely concerned about air quality, for example, and yet was married to a man who smoked so much that not only his teeth but both of his hands were yellow from nicotine.  I hated seeing her, not because she was so odd, but because I recognized her as a fellow neurotic. ...more

Human Resources: Stress Management Policies

If you are an HR professional, it’s a part of your job to make sure the employees of the organization for which you work remain productive and efficient. Devising policies and taking initiative to keep their stress levels to a minimum is an essential component of ensuring the efficiency level of the employees stays up to the mark. However, it is also a well-acknowledged fact in business circles that a little stress is essential in order to get peak performance out of employees....more

Are you taking care of yourself?

When you’ve had a really stressful day, week, or even month, or things just aren’t going right in your life for whatever reason, it’s easy to lapse into a routine of sulking, bingeing on unhealthy foods or alcohol, watching trashy TV all day and all night, and generally feeling sorry for yourself....more

These are great suggestions - we are definitely on the same wavelength.  Just today I ...more

Back Pain and Considerations

Back Pain and Considerations ...more

What Causes Acne?

Even with all the research that has been conducted about acne the debate still rages about the causes of acne.  The exact causes of acne are not entirely known and subsequently because of this there is no actual cure for acne.  At the moment experts believe that acne results from several related factors.  ...more


I feel good... DaNaNaNaNaNaNa. It's day 2 of my fitness goal, and I am not only on track, but also enjoying it. Don't get me wrong - I'm not jumping out of bed with a spring in my step or anything. To the contrary, I lay in bed for 30 minutes talking myself into it and then drag myself downstairs at a sloth's pace. But after the second or third yoga pose, my eyes are finally open, and I'm proud of myself for making a good choice. ...more

Relieving Stress with Authenticity

“I know it’s a big, DUH!” said my friend. “There is almost no pain when I am being authentic to my own needs and feelings.” It was so well-put, I felt compelled to share it with a little commentary on why this is vital to living well when we are facing big challenges....more

10 Ways to Add More Meaning to Your Days

I can talk all about 10 ways to be more productive, find more time in your day, boost your bottom line, or simply get more and they would give you benefit. Yet as I was thinking about which "10" I wanted to write about today, I decided to get to the meat of the matter and talk about 10 ways you could add more meaning to your days. That means more meaning in your business or professional life and more meaning in general.  ...more

I'm a 30 yr old working mom who is caught in between providing for my family and ...more

Nine Ways To Beat Holiday Stress

Check out this interview we did on Momlogic with Lisa Sharkey:Last-minute shopping and meal planning making you reach for that candy bar and Diet Coke?...more

A Melding Thanksgiving Meltdown

Apart from the usual holiday festivities: the joining of family and friends and the over-indulging in tasty holiday delicacies–drama is usually a part of the overall experience. This Thanksgiving was no different. The underlying tension revolving around the impending nuptials abroad for one brother and his fiancé was for the moment, forgotten and instead, blanketed by the aroma of roasted turkey and simmering side dishes. I came down the stairs and noticed the absence of chatter, realizing that the crew had already begun munching....more