8 Ways to Help Your Kids Stress 'Better'

Imagine this: You're a ninth-grade math teacher. You sit at your desk a few days before the school year begins, staring at the blank screen on your laptop -- you're nervous. You wanted to use this time to polish a humorous story on Albert Einstein for your new Algebra I students. Instead, you're writing a speech for the first all-school assembly on a topic outside your expertise: stress management. ...more

Leo McGarry's New Year Advice: Getting Out of the Hole Together

The second Friday before Christmas was like most of my days -- essentially -- but with some unique details. I was finishing up the update of my ebook, Lean On and Lead, Mothering and Work in the 21st Century Economy, so I was making edits and chasing after approvals from various interviewees in between my double and triple-checks for typos....more

Feeling Less Than Jolly? Here's 3 Ways to Make Your Holidays Merry and Bright

Preparations for the holidays are well underway. As you can imagine, the days seem too short in comparison to many to-do lists. Are you worried about how to keep it all together despite the holiday hustle and bustle?It's as easy as these three quick tips to keep the holidays in merry and bright:...more

6 Ways to Avoid Mom Stress During the Holidays

 The holiday season is upon us! While for many, this is the favorite time of year, but some parents dread it, because it means lots of traveling, cleaning, cooking/baking, shopping and.. STRESS....more

9 Reasons to Live Below Your Means

Tis The Season To Struggle

4 Ways to Stop Holiday Stress Before It Starts

Halloween hasn't even arrived. But guess what? The holidays are closing in fast. At least that's what retailers want us to think. They've already got gift wrap and marshmallow snowmen front and center....more
Thanks for this wise advice.  I have spent today reflecting on what Thanksgiving means and I ...more

How Do You Balance It All?

I took a hot bath today. Maybe that doesn’t seem newsworthy to you. It really shouldn’t be, I guess. But the fact that I took that bath at 3:45pm, in the middle of a workday, was big news to me. I work at home. That statement still seems unreal. For almost all of my adult life, I have worked in an office. The past 16 years haven’t been exactly all 9 to 5, since travel was a major part of my career, but I still left my house to go to work every day. Until this year.  ...more

My packing plan soothes me

Before kids vacation meant catching up on my reading, laying still on the hot sand and dipping into the water when I wanted to cool down.  It was about going out for dinner and enjoying a few drinks.  It was about sitting by the fire pit talking about life.It was about rest and relaxation.  A time to unwind and take a break.Now vacation is... different.  It's action pack and full of movement. It's a little chaotic and hardly goes according to plan.Planning soothes me.  So when it comes to packing I have my plan down pat and will share it with you today.1. The Packing Excel SheetMake a column per child, yourself, your husband (but make him pack his own stuff you have enough to do), bathroom items, electronics, food, and the ever popular “misc”.  Print the list 2 days before the trip and post it on the fridge.2.  Kids get one backpack each.They can bring whatever they want as long as it fits the backpack.  While on vacation, every night the backpack has to be repacked.  Nothing is worse than stepping on toys while ON vacation.  I do that enough at home, thank you very much!3.  Leave a large empty bag by the door.When you are on the mad dash to get out the door you will think of a bunch of things that you MUST pack.  Use this miscellaneous bag to pack all last minute items.  When you are packing to head home, use this bag again in the same fashion.Hope these quick packing tips helps ease the stress of your next vacation! ...more

GO FOR IT.....Discouragement....CALLING ALL ANGELS....Betrayl....PRAYER....Faith....CONFUSION....Storms.....GO FISHING.....

WHEN YOU MEET UP WITH DISCOURAGEMENT….We all can get discouraged….Especially if we have tried over and over and met up with failure….Discouragement happens in everyone’s lives from time to time if they are pursuing anything that is truly worthwhile……When we meet up with discouragement what do we do? Do we give up? Do we keep on going?...more