Scare Away the Travel Hiccups

  How to Scare away Travel Hiccups?  ...more

Fu@k Stress

5 easy Tips to Gain Confidence and Cutback Stress

 There I was. In Sydney, Australia, alone. I'd never traveled alone internationally before, so the prospect was daunting. I hadn't booked a place to stay as I wanted to fly by the seat of my pants. I didn't consider being exhausted by the flight. As I looked around the airport, my confidence started to drain as I was dumped into indecision. Finally, I just decided to go to downtown Sydney....more

To Thine Own Self Be True

What are you doing to ensure that you are being true to the important woman in your life? Yes, I do mean you!...more

Nurses eat their young

I look into the eyes of my student nurse for the light bulb moment. I look for some recognition that what I just said made sense....more

Are You your Worst Bully?

How do you distinguish bullying from aggression in general? According to the American Psychological Association, in order for bullying to be distinguished from other forms of aggression, a relationship must exist between the bully and the victim.Do you consider yourself a bully?Of course, not in the sense of physical abuse where the victim is stuffed in a locker or gets a bloody nose....more

It’s Lonely at the Top

I’m slightly nervous because I’m entering a whole new world as I walk into the Law Office building of Fenwick & West. I’m attending the Watermark Entrepreneurship Conference 2015 in Mountain View. I don’t know what to expect, who I will be rubbing elbows with, or what my experience will be....more

5 Secrets to Reduce Stress

1.Decompress with Silence...more

People, Some Of Them I Wonder About

        I gave Murphette a dead line she need to be out of here by and her mail not coming to my address. Which is Tuesday the 24th.I let her plug in from my shop/garage a few days during the week. So in hope she can take care of her business. Not watching movies and playing games on her computerWhich I'm doubting she even trying. One of those people who drags things out to last dog is hung.Came home from work and saw her plug in. I said "what the fuck is Murphette doing here"....more

How Stress is Effecting Your Beauty

Day-to-day stress and life event can certainly take a toll on your health and your beauty.  Our physiological reactions to too much stress can actually compensate the body’s functions that keep us looking glowing and vivacious.  Although such effects vary from person to person, a little recalibration and relaxing can go a long way for anyone....more