Momentarily Distracted by Consumerism

I am back in Greenville! My plane landed only a few minutes late yesterday, and I saw my brother off to his terminal for his flight back to Austin, Texas and then headed for baggage claim. Jason got backed up in traffic, but it didn't end up affecting that much as to when he got to the airport to come get me... just as rush hour starts in Atlanta, Georgia. Where the airport is. And we have to go straight through Georgia to come home. ...more



I Neglect You

   For that, I'm sorry. ...more

Cloudbursts and Other Things

So I haven't been copy & pasting my posts from Stress and Stars over here for the last several posts....more

What are the format issues you are having?more

And So It Goes (Alabama/Illinois)

It would be easy to post pictures of pretty spring flowers I have seen, and I'll get back to that. But right now, I don't think those pretty spring flowers are important at all. You'll have to wait for those. ...more

This is Not Normal

Growing up in the Midwest, the spring "tornado season" is taken pretty much for granted. We all know there will be thunderstorms, cracks of lightning whose thunder rattles the window frames, wind that blows all the new leaves back to the ground. Maybe hail that is big enough to dent cars or sit in little ice-balls in the yard, melting slowly while some of us hide in the basements and the rest run for the video camera, hoping to catch the funnel cloud or the particular color of ash-green the sky just turned. ...more


Or alternately, "In Which My Post is Delayed By Absolutely Nothing". "Belated" just seemed so much more concise. ...more


So last Friday meant a surreal 60's-era restaurant called the Crab Shack out on Tybee Island, the very first place we went to. We met JW and Christina and Delainey there for lunch. It had live alligators out front around a little lagoon, sleepy things basking in the sunlight. ...more