Centering for the week

I don't know about you, but I have a "ritual" to get myself prepared for the week ahead every Sunday night. Mine involves stretching, especially if I need some stress relief from the long week I just had, snuggling on the couch with my hubby and puppies, and centering myself for the week. ...more

Why does taking things out make stuff cost more

Why should decaffeinated coffee cost more than regular?  Why should bagel thins (the tops and bottoms only) cost more than full bagels? Obviously they use less dough.  The only exception is skim milk that usually costs less than regular....more

Take Charge of Living Well

A baby boomer turns sixty every 7.6 seconds, but it’s not a reason to approach life’s later years with fear and trepidation. Most of us have a pretty good handle on the high price of an unhealthy lifestyle, but it takes more than a healthy diet and physical workouts to end up with a gold medal in living well....more

The Gift of my Brief Reprieve

Somewhere between deep sleep and semi-consciousness I find the "off" button on my cell phone alarm every single morning.Reality begins to sift through my slow-moving brain as thoughts start firing in a synaptic but chaotic way. What day is it? Do I have meetings on my schedule? What clothes are clean and ready that might fit today's commitments?These questions are met by some set of answers as my feet reach for the carpet and begin their trek toward the bathroom. Still foggy, I breach the threshold and generally raise my eyes at that point to see this:...more
Dear corner blog mom...for some reason I am unable to reply to your comment. Should you get ...more

How to Keep Your Sanity (and get stuff done too) This Holiday Season

The holiday season is fabulous time of cheer, good will and a lighter mood for most, but it can also be stress-laden and overwhelming to many. It’s hard to stay focused in the midst of holiday shopping, music, parties and revelry. It can also take a herculean effort to actually accomplish anything of substance at work while trying to juggle your extra family obligations at home.What can you do?...more


Can you believe it? Holiday shopping is here. Now weather you are a Black Friday shopper or not it is going to get extra crazy for the next month. In the midst of all the heightened drama, it will be difficult to "spread cheer." You ever notice how sour and disgusted many persons in customer service roles appear. Greeting customers for these persons presents as a painful agonizing experience. My initial thoughts are does this person not realize commerce transactions equate a salary for them?...more