Just Keep Swimming. Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming

When I was in college, I had these short-lived dreams of playing basketball for Webster University, a Division III university where anyone could essentially try to play a sport if they wanted. But after a summer of keeping to a strict workout regime, courtesy of a friend who was probably the most in shape person I had ever met, my dream died a quick death in the preseason despite probably being in the best shape of my life.The basketball coach made the entire team and perspective players join the cross country team for conditioning. And for me, the whole idea of long periods of running is what I equate to bathing in hot tar or any other type of unimaginable type of torture I would never want to endure. But I did try at least. And even before the first meet, I had horribly painful shin splints in both legs because I was still a little overweight, never learned how to really properly run and had extremely bad knees no matter what I did.As a suggestion to get rid of the shin splints, the coach told me to walk in the pool. So every morning when the team got up to run, I got up to walk in the pool. Eventually the walking got boring, so I started swimming. While I wasn’t much of a swimmer, I started loving the water. Then something happened and I really don't remember what -- college, boyfriends, friends, drinking, too many excuses too count, but I just stopped swimming....more

When Life Gives You Lemons

When we moved back to Atlanta, it was with our heads held low and a pocketful of dreams. We had lost everything; including our dignity, and it was time to pack it up, call it a day, and start over.**Click image to read full story**...more

Why Worry?