I cannot believe I let him go without ME!

Why this mom wants Baileys for breakfast Yes, I wanted Baileys for breakfast.No, I did not have Baileys for breakfast....more

Work by Day, Blog by Night

Am I crazy?  Maybe so.  Unlike most mommy bloggers I work full-time outside of the home.  I guess I am one of those people that try to add on another hat to keep the rest of them from falling.  Recently I did not receive a promotion that I worked very hard for.  I know I deserved the promotion so it was hard when I received the news.  However, I believe all things happen for a reason and it has fueled my fire.  I am still giving 100% at work by day but, I have also decided to step up my blogging at night. ...more

When I went back to work full time after my second maternity leave, I had to make up some time - ...more