Boobs: Life's Science Experiment

You know you can throw every ounce of vanity you have out the window when you become pregnant. I mean, if you have self esteem and body image issues beforehand, you better buckle your seatbelt! Pregnancy does a number on your body folks, you mommas out there know what I'm talking about. Sometimes it's easier to embrace than others. ...more

I remember the days when my DDD's wouldn't hold a pencil underneath. The wonderful summer when ...more

Send Me Your Photos!

I've got a new project over at SOAM and I need (yet more!) photos.  Click on over and check it out.  If the mood strikes you, participate. If not - pass it on! ...more

5K and Butter

I ran my first 5K a couple of weeks ago. For those of you that don't know how long that is, it's 3.1 miles forever long. I've been running in our basement, on a treadmill, at night, to train. As a ran, I watched the food network. Yes, I realize how ridiculous that sounds but really, the pounds of butter, cream and cheese these people use in their cooking is actually motivating. ...more

Save Our Daughters

I remember being about eight years old and wearing a new bathing suit, feeling like a glorious mermaid princess, and an adult told me I'd better suck in my stomach. My world came crashing down around me - I was utterly crushed. Princess? No. Ugly. Unworthy. Hated. How can we save our daughters (and sons!) from our same fate?  Perhaps if we come together we can protect the next generation from body-hate.  Click over read more and participate. ...more

Here's a stretchmark I made earlier!!

i luv my stretchmarks / nature has made her tattoos / what a work of art. My stretchmarks are x-mark-the-spots - marking exactly where you should kiss me. Must. It ain't a myth - it's a fact. Not a request - it's an order - Sir - ordained - by she-angels with cherried tongues - who are watching you if you make the wrong move - on my oh-so-deliberately-gratuitously-plumpified body. So. Be careful how you kiss me, Sugar. Or where the hell you kiss me, Sugar. Or else I won't even call you Sugar. I'll just call you Salt instead.     Sugar. ...more