Thanks for the Nomination and Aunt Mary Goes on Strike

First of all, I need to say THANK YOU to whoever the 3 people were that voted to make this blog a finalist in the 2012 Mom’s Choice Award that Triad Moms on Main is holding. Actually I don’t know how many voted.....more

Sex Strike Brings End to Violence

"Their stirring love will rise up furiously, they'll beg our arms to open. That's our time! We'll disregard their knocking, beat them off -- and they will soon be rabid for a Peace. I'm sure of it." So speaks Lysistrata, the protagonist in the classic Greek play by Aristophanes, which tells the tale of women trying to resolve the Peloponnesian War by withholding sexual pleasure from their warring husbands. Though originally performed in 411 BC the play finds relevance today due to the actions of the women on Mindanao Island in the Philippines. ...more
It was also used in Liberia in the early 2000s as part of the Peace Movement, led by now Nobel ...more

Could the NFL go on Strike???

I'm totally fascinated by the upcoming NFL Labor negotiations. I know, I know, I'm a big dork.  Let me explain why.  ...more

Tell Mott's You Want Your Apple Sauce Without Classism

On May 23, three hundred workers from Mott’s apple sauce and juice plant in Williamson, New York, went on strike. Their complaint? A major slash in pay and benefits -- even though Dr. Pepper Snapple, the parent company of Mott’s, brought in a record profit last year. ...more

didn't think you were being argumentative, and hope i didn't come off that way either you raise ...more

Toronto's Trash Strike Is Over!

So a couple of weeks ago I posted about a local strike in Toronto, of which much of the focus was the growing piles of trash. Guess what? The strike's over. The garbage will disappear. The pools and summer camps and day cares will reopen. Life will go back to normal. Maybe? ...more

I got up this morning to news that city council might not ratify the deal. Wow!


Scabby Reject

Well, I feel like a right scab. And the day was going so well. This morning, scoffing coffee and toast in bed, I finished reading Cormac McCarthy's harrowing but brilliant The Road, and now, as I walk along another only slightly less post-apocalyptic-looking road, the sun is shining, a lorry man has tooted me, which shouldn't please me, but sadly does, and I've got a tasty sandwich in my bag to eat for my lunch. All is good with the world. ...more