10 Reasons Why You Should Never Judge A Stripper

At alpha beta pie we support and encourage women’s empowerment across the board… even up and down the pole. But it seems there are a lot of negative misconceptions floating around that portray exotic dancers as somehow misguided. Sure, not all women are created with equal opportunities, but the ignorant stereotypes have got to go. So, to set the record straight for all our misunderstood twerking gals, here are 10 reasons why you should never judge a stripper:...more
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Stripper Damage

     Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder. Is there such a thing?  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpwG4u_ofjY                                             What is Stripper Damage? PTSD Post Traumatic Stripper Disorder. Is there such a thing?         ...more

The Nerd, The Stripper, and the High School Reunion

Back in high school, I was a hairy-legged feminist who swore that I would never become ensnared by that most commonly deployed tool of the patriarchy, marriage. At my ten year reunion, which was five years ago already, I was a hairy-legged feminist who brought along my husband of four years. This is why I was so excited when BlogHer CE Karen Walrond brought my attention to a woman who hired a stripper to impersonate her at her ten year reunion, I rubbed my hands together with greedy glee. ...more

Your school sounds great. I went to a public high school, which while very problematic in terms ...more

Lap Dance Costs Securities Trader More Than His Dignity......Awwwwwwww!

I am almost resplendent in my predictability. I kind of hate that about myself. ...more