Brain damage repaired and partial vision restored with injectable hydrogel/stem cell therapy

Researchers from the University of Toronto were recently about to restore partial vision and repair brain damage in blind mice following strokes.Although stem cells are pretty amazing, but they often die after being transplanted or don't fuse with surrounding tissue. So these scientists (who had previously developed a hydrogel) used it to help the stem cells stick together during delivery to the transplant site and to help the stem cells survive.The mice got about 15% of their vision back....more

Mental exercise may keep the body's muscles from getting weaker

Finally - mind control for good and not evil!It sounds like a sci fi movie that would star Tom Cruise, but researchers from the Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine are real scientists, with a potential real breakthrough.In the study, healthy participants wore a wrist-hand immobilizing cast (to encourage muscle weakness) for 4 weeks.  Half the group performed mental imagery exercises, picturing strong muscle contractions 5 days a week. A third group, a control group, had no interventions....more

Decoy drug created new brain connections in adult mice

Big news for the future of blindness, strokes and Alzheimer's (and perhaps many others)!Scientists at Stanford Bio-X created a decoy drug that mimics PirB (a protein), which allowed the brains of adult mice to create new connections in the brain. Besides the obvious implications for stroke and TBI victims, there's also a lot of excitement in terms of Alzheimer's. ...more

Women Are At Higher Risk Of Having A Stroke Than Men (INFOGRAPHIC & VIDEO)

Strokes among women seem to be on the rise and can be often fatal because the symptoms aren't as obvious as in some other illnesses. Also, it seems that, as the years go by, more women are having strokes than men and more women die of strokes. This disease is now the third leading cause of death in Canada and the fourth leading cause in the United States so it's very important that women are aware of the symptoms and the causes of stroke....more

How infection make stroke-caused brain damage worse

If you or your parent hasa high risk of stroke, take note: infections, especially those that existed before the stroke, can make things a lot worse for your brain.In a new study out of the University of Manchester, researchers found that an inflammatory response by the immune system to streptococcus pneumoniae (pneumonia) made things 50% to 90% in mice following a stroke. And the older the animals, the worse the injury, especially if they had hardening of the arteries....more

The Pain You Feel Today is the Strength You Feel Tomorrow

Today, for no particular reason, I am missing my father something awful. Grief is a bitch. Some days I'm fine; can take on the world, other days I'm just loathsome and sad. I try to keep in the tears, but then my heart feels like it is going to explode. Grief really is a bitch....more

New discovery on attention deficits

You know that ADD and ADHD are caused by attention deficits, and that people who have suffered a stroke or traumatic brain injury (TBI) often have attention weaknesses.New research has shown that when someone pays attention, the brain synchronizes different regions - not just the one that controls attention.The analogy given is tuning multiple walkie-talkies to the same frequency.The study looked at the brains of epileptics using grids of electrodes, which allowed the researchers to study the changes in the brain in MILLISECONDS....more

Helping those with "word blindness" read again

Known among specialists as "alexia without agraphia," "word blindness" is a rare condition in which the person is unable to read words, although they can write and understand spoken words without any problems.In this particular case, the researchers studied a 40-year-old reading specialist/kindergarten teacher who couldn't tell time, read her lesson plan or understand her attendance sheet (which was in "incomprehensible hieroglyphs").She had suffered a stroke that was (likely) caused by inflammation of a specific blood vessel....more

Stroke takes away 3 out of 5 quality years of life

Yes, if you did the math, that's a 60% loss of quality years.This number was determined by following stroke and TIA (transient ischemic attack) patients for 5 years. The researchers measured the 1,188 patients with "utility" - which is a way to place value on the desirability of health outcomes.For example, with utility:0 = death1 = perfect healthnegative numbers represent "a state worse than death" (which I thought was odd actually)....more

Worried about stroke? Take Vitamin B

A new study analyzed data from 54,913 participants, comparing Vitamin B to a placebo (or a very low-dose B vitamin). Here's what they found:- There were 2,471 strokes during the studies. All appeared to have some benefit from taking Vitamin B.- Vitamin B lowered the risk of stroke in several of the studies by 7%.- Taking Vitamin B doesn't necessarily reduce the risk of death or the severity of the strokes.- Taking folic acid seemed to reduce the effect of Vitamin B....more