Main risk factors associated with stroke

Every five minutes, someone suffers a stroke and is a major cause of disability. The main risk factors associated with stroke, responsible for 90% of cases are hypertension and smoking but several other factors contribute to this terrible condition....more

Stroke Awareness 5 Faces Pledge

 Help Save LivesToday's post is short and sweet:...more

What is Your Stroke Score?

Before I go any further take a moment and fill out this scorecard: ...more

Preventing Stroke Using Plumbing Principles

Be sure to watch me on Wednesday, February 15 on CBS-5 in San Francisco at 7:20 pm, just before Judge Judy, where I'll be talking about heart health....more

Optimism Decreases Stroke

A recent study found that optimists over 50 had fewer strokes than people with a more negative world view. The exact mechanism isn't known, but it's an interesting finding.  I know that researchers have identified a few genes that are associated with optimism and seeing the glass as half full, and I wonder if those genes also make the brain more resilient....more

Grey's Anatomy Saved My Life

     We sometimes tease my husband that he's such a girl with the shows he likes to watch.  He gets a kick out of Bridezillas, watching what people tolerate from the latest Bride gone wild.  He also is quite loyal to Grey's Anatomy~ Thank Heavens!!      Six months ago Saturday my husband, son and I were shopping at BJ's.  I had a headache on the way there that bothered my vision but we had to shop as I was one of five cooking Chili for a Church Dinner the next day.  At on...more

Night at the nursing home

According to Mike Jude seems to be doing better today. He seemed to revert back to his old feeding schedule last night after his seizure, because he woke at 4am hungry. Mike grumbled, and then slowly got out of bed to feed Jude 6 ounces. ...more