Babywearing vs. Strollering

I didn't want to get a stroller. I thought that three different babywearing options would be enough for our little family but I hadn't taken into account the effect of a 10-kilo baby on my husband's (already) bad back. ...more

Stroller Buying 101

There are SO many fantastic strollers our there today with so many great features and accessories...Its really hard to navigate making a stroller purchase.  For specific brand ideas you can take a look at my Stroller Round-up and I'll be doing an updated one soon, but here are some of my tips for stroller buying. Tips/considerations:...more

The Advice I Wish I'd Received: Strollers

We are going to have to move out of our house. Simply put, we don’t have enough storage space for all of the strollers.When darling daughter was on her way, we were oblivious to what the actual baby transport needs would be. I ended up with one giant stroller....more

I'm not sure what my strategy would be exactly doing it over again... but I did love my Snap N ...more

Stroller derby

I am a clever marketer's dream - have a cute logo or even a smart ad campaign and you've got my attention (actually, save time and just put your product in shiny packaging and you've got me) and brand loyalty. But I am also a poor marketer's nightmare – if I think you're trying to pull the wool over my eyes or being condescending then no matter how fantastic your product is, I won't buy it on principle. ...more

Wanna come see my MacLaren?

This past weekend Peej and I headed to Pittsfield to be showered with baby...think 'It's Raining Men,' but with pastels. Delicious food, adorable [teensy] presents and a couple dozen of the East Coasters I like best. Also- more than five instances of "I cannot believe how HUGE you are," to which I reply: a) Believe it. ...more

Too big for the block?

Here’s what I see on a morning walk:   Cars parked on the street bumper to bumper, with barely an inch between them.  Vehicles with their wheels up on the sidewalk where baby strollers and wheelchairs and assisted-walkers fear to roll.   ...more

I Am More Than Just a Stroller Researcher

I’m still in it, and maybe I don’t have distance enough yet to write on the topic, but if making decisions is not your favorite thing, if making a decision is as much fun to you as, say, the question of whether you feel like getting hit by a truck or suffer a bout of food poisoning for a thousand years, then you’ll probably feel as tortured, trapped, overwhelmed, and uneasy as I did in registering for my baby shower.   ...more

The Curse of Too Much Information

Early on, silly me, I promised myself I wouldn't open the pages of a pregnancy book. I had less than nine months to get in order my "to read" list of books--the ones I'd always wanted to but not gotten around to, the unfinished novels I'd had on my nightstand, the big ones, and the mindless ones. Each night, they stared at me from my shelves, and me at them. I counted them, I rearranged them, I read a few, and then I broke down and bought one--just one--book on birthing. ...more

MommyQ is Back and Mommier Than Ever!

First, I must apologize to my BlogHer friends for disappearing for a few months. Sorry to drop off the radar. I was in transition and redesigning my blog. So I was saving all of my fabulously fresh content for the new site. MommyQ is looking wilder than ever and ready to roll in 2009!!! ...more

Baby Buggy Pushers

I spoke by phone to my friend Terri who lives in Italy a while back. She lives in rural northern Italy where they are 8 hours ahead of my mountain time zone. She has lived there for around 25 years and I know she likes it. Terri told me she wants to move out of Italy in a few more years after her twin sons go to college. I wondered why? ...more