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5 Tips on Raising a Strong-Willed Child

I'm totally smitten by my daughter's gumption, independence, carefree spirit, and determination. I've witnessed her solve problems all on her own. I've shared the thrill of her figuring out how to put on her sandals while being able to successfully secure the strap all on her own. I've seen the love and care she gives to all of her friends at school. I've observed how confidently she expresses herself to her teachers, family, friends, and us. I know all of these wonderful traits will take my little girl far in life and I feel so honored to be able to tag along for the ride. ...more
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A New Battle Has Emerged During Dinner and It's Not About Food

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Surviving The Strong Willed Child...

Yesterday my friend Gena called after a daunting trip to the post office with her youngest monkey. She said, "I think I may have just got a glimpse of the judgmental stares you've told me so much about." Apparently Mr. H, her almost 3-year-old, was less than cooperative, and to put it nicely, was like a monkey on crack. As she told me the story, she was laughing one of those crazy laughs ... like she was either going to pull a Thelma and Louise and drive off a cliff or start to cry....more

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Staying Strong with Strong - Willed Kids

Meg Meeker MDStaying Sane with Strong-Willed Kids ...more