5 Things You Can Create Using Puff Pastry

  Ohhh the pastry crust, how I love you!  There are so many things one can whip up with pastry crust, that will look as if it had taken you all day!  I always like to have this ingredient on hand in my freezer just in case I need to make anything last minute,s ay for last minute guests!...more

Apples & Honey

In the Christian Orthodox Faith we do a lot of Fasting - our Fast is always a strict vegan diet - animal products are not allowed. It is now 6 weeks before Orthodox Christmas (January 7th) and we have begun to Fast. One of the most challenging things about Fast is that you have to get really creative with a limited amount of food ingredients. As of late though so many vegan recipe blogs have come out that the challenge is not as challenging anymore. Although I did find out that vegans don't eat Honey - when we Fast, we count on our Honey... a lot!...more