Oceanic Metaphors

A piercing gull's cry through the pounding of the waves does not end until its caught it's prey. The rhythm of the ocean is a beauteous thing, and it has a staccato beat that never sleeps. Each swoop of wings brings the birds closer to shallow tidal pools of food. You would never think about the nature of the gulls and the crabs, and it doesn't really change the nature of the thing. Yet the birds only cry out for their food served up in rocky bowls, and the crabs try hiding in their tidal pool doom....more

A man called Murphy

  What would happen if I lost my job? Oregon is an at will state, which means I could be fired at any time, for any reason. My employer is private, & not subject to any unions. There were three previous temps in my position, though I've outlasted  & outperformed each of them. My last performance review was a bit rocky in some areas, but things have smoothed out lately....more

What Gives You Comfort?

I struggled through today. It wasn’t a horrible day by any standard, just a day full of small stumbling blocks. A seemingly never ending task list. A lingering sadness from recently losing my precious little dog, Buddy.We’ve all had those days. I just wanted to get finished with the day, shed the work clothes, and get into something comfortable....more

Parenting is a Funny Thing.

Parenting is a funny thing.  We grow up fighting with our own parents, convinced they know nothing about what our lives are like or what we’re going through.  We go to great lengths to push for more than they are willing to give, convinced that they don’t understand how prepared we are to handle more adult responsibility.  We yell and scream and fight when boundaries are laid down and consequences are applied.  We wonder how they could be so mean....more

Living With Disease-You Are Not Alone

By living with a disease, I've learned honesty is the best policy. Although I don't usually offer up the gross and detailed symptoms of my disease to passersby, if they really want to know, they're going to get the truth....more
Compassion and empathy for others, accepting what we are dealt with and still smiling can be so ...more

How To Get Through Fighting In Your Marriage

Marriage is a partnership.  It may not be a 50/50 split but hopefully it is two people working together to grow a thriving family life.  One person may be the bread winner and the other takes center stage when it comes to raising the kids.  Or perhaps you both work and you both contribute to the running of the household.  So what happens when the Family, LLC has a breakdown?  When one of the CEO’s makes bad decisions or doesn’t hold up their end of the bargain.  How can you effectively get through choppy family waters together? ...more

A Bitterness of My Own Brewing: Is My Life Passing Me By?

I'm sitting here in my local coffee shop with my 14-year-old, and I'm on the verge of tears. Not happy, not sad. They are tears of yearning. I want to do so much in my life, yet here I sit: a mother, a chauffeur, a wife, a bill-payer, a cheerleader, a dog walker, a whip-cracker, a caretaker, just to name a few. While I wouldn't trade those things for anything, I feel a pull to run as far as I can....more
I started my blog for this very reason!  My parents both just passed away, my kids are getting ...more

Operation FreeMom: Sharing the Hard Stuff

This is the third in the Operation:FreeMom series. Start here to catch up!...more