Please don't yawn in front of me

Full disclosure: I just yawned while typing that title. Here's the thing: I am very susceptible to yawning. If I see someone yawn in front of me, I am going to yawn back at them. And when I do, I really hope that they are not also susceptible to yawning, otherwise we have entered a very dangerous yawning loop from which no woman can escape....more

Is Your Child Depressed? It's Probably Your Fault, Mom

Recently scientists declared children of women who did not finish high school were twice as likely to experience a major episode of depression in early adulthood as children whose mothers obtained a high school diploma, according to a new study by researchers at McGill University. The study authors also noted while a mother’s education affected a child’s chance for depression, the father’s education had no impact on his child....more
@JennaHatfield It's not this study in particular. It was just the one that broke the camel's ...more

How To Motivate Yourself To Revise

<a href="">How To Motivate Yourself To Revise</a>After using these tips you should be able to motivate yourself to revise any time you need....more

Does Organic Food Make You Act Like A Jerk?

What researchers found was that after viewing organic food pictures, people rated moral transgressions as being worse than people who saw the normal or comfort foods rated them. Those seeing organic also said they could volunteer significantly less time to help out. The results persisted no matter what the subjects thought of the desirability of the food. Seeing the organic food made people less nice, not nicer. ...more
Hi, I´m looking for info about organic food but more like "technical", any reccomendation? I´m ...more

Do Sleep Meds Lead to Early Death?

A study which recently appeared in the British Medical Journal compared 10,500 adults who took hypnotic sleeping pills -- including Ambien, Lunesta and Restoril -- with people who did not. Those who took 18 pills or fewer a year had a 3.5 times increased risk of early death. The risk was five times greater for those who took three or more pills a week. Are findings acurate? Are you at risk? ...more
I great warning. I do not take those drugs but have worried about their effects. Thank you for ...more

Marriages Between Blacks and Whites Increased Dramatically, New Study Reports

A thought-provoking new study just released by the Journal of Marriage and Family(JMF) finds that interracial marriages between highly educated blacks and whites in the U.S. have increased significantly since 1980. According to the study, marriages between African Americans and whites are increasing rapidly, but remain a small number....more
WTF is wrong with you naive people in the comment section. LMAO black an brown people are still ...more


Report from the Possible Human, Possible Society Study is already showing up as a dominant theme in our study....more

SEX NEWS: Penis Size, Cuddling, a Pill to Prevent HIV Transmission

This month has brought us all kinds of interesting news and the sex front is no different. Here is a quick roundup of some interesting research and news stories about health and sexuality that crossed our radar. Photos by Alex Barth and Nick McGlynn. ...more

Is It Learning German or German Learning?

Today I stepped into a classroom for the first time in 2 1/2 or so years. Well, it was a little less like a classroom and more like a building site. It fact, it was a building site. No kidding! I turned up to my new German class this morning and it turned out that where the classes are being held (in Schöneberg)isn't quite finished yet so we walked down a corridor filled with doors leaning against walls, no flooring, cables sticking out of walls and a handful of builders hanging from various objects. Not quite what I was expecting....more

Back in to Education

Next week I will be stepping back in to shoes that are unfamiliar to me. Student shoes! I am one of those people who likes to write in the box marked ''Level of Education'': ''School of Life''.  It's not that I have no education at all. I do. I went through the normal British schooling system of 'Infants school', 'Primary' and 'Secondary' and then that's where things got a little merkier. ...more