Know Where You Came From - The Genographic Project

National Geographic and IBM joined forces in a global research project to chart the migratory history of us humans....more

Study Finds College Freshmen Overwhelmed (My Own Little Op Ed Piece) ...more

State of Our Unions Report; Yet another tool in the War against Women

So I am surfing ye olde interwebs while listening to my "remember the 80's" music channel - cause I loves me some Whitensake served side by side to Bronski Beat, when I head on over to CNN to catch up on the American news. ...more

So, where do you write YOUR blog?

After being featured on the homepage of BlogHer yesterday, I certainly got a lot more visitors to my blog, but to be honest, I expected to be signing a few more bloody autographs. A few more than none, for example. Especially because I nearly invested in queue barriers for my front garden. Yeh, in my head, I had it all worked out, right down to the end-flourish; I was going to develop RSI from signing the pecs of a glut of young twenty-something men with Mrs Robinson syndrome. ...more

I'll try and get one of the bus seat with the computer. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to be the ...more

Support Me in My Big Life Adventure

I just got back from a spiritually and physically renewing vacation. The days leading up to this vacation were chaotic and stressful. I had a huge financial and personal decision to make about my future, and add that to covering two jobs at work - 2 stressful jobs - I was frazzled, and on the brink of emotional self destruction. I think it is so important that women find ways to renew themselves. We juggle being career women, mothers, and caregivers to friends and families. All that we give of ourselves sometimes can start to take its toll and if we do not have systems in place to rebuild and regroup, then we will start to feel just the way I felt just before my trip. ...more

Creating a Good Study Habit for Your Kids

Back to school is right around the corner. I know, I know -- doesn't it seem like summer vacation just started? We've been hanging out by the pool and enjoying sleeping late, but the stores have already started the Back to School sales. When you are buying the notebooks -- remember, every one needs to be a different color, no characters unless child approved, and don't forget that every other one needs pockets, except that the one for Spanish needs brackets -- take the time to create a great study environment for your children. ...more

As a former public school teacher I find this a wonderful list of homework tips. When you work ...more

What the New Home Birth Study Doesn't Tell You

Just something short and sweet today since there is so much hoopla over this new “Homebirth Study”.  Major problem I see with it?  It is not focused on planned home births with medical professionals which has been shown to be as safe as hospital births in other studies....more

Dear BlogHer community, please help me graduate. Call for interview participants for my BlogHer research paper.

I joined BlogHer earlier this year, after realizing that many of the people I follow on Twitter have two things in common -- they actively contribute to the wealth of information and inspiration that circulates the Web, and they are part of the BlogHer comunity. So when it was time to pick the subject for my spring semester research paper, I didn't have to think twice about it....more

I really appreciate it! I need at least six more participants in the next two weeks. I'll need ...more

Introducing myself...

Well hello, I’m a newbie in blogging so let me introduce myself. I’m a very spontaneous (mainly random) 22 years old gal. I’m originally from a beautiful island in the Caribbean that in due time I will reveal, just trying to avoid stereotypes. I have a BBA in Accounting and studying so hard to pass the CPA exam but that’s a very long story....more

Almost all U.S. Money is Laced with Cocaine

A recent study done at the University of Massachusetts, has shown that 90 percent of our money is laced with cocaine. Baltimore, Boston and Detroit were the top cities on the list. The study was performed worldwide. Canada and the US were on the top of the world list, while Japan and China were at the bottom. ...more