Almost all U.S. Money is Laced with Cocaine

A recent study done at the University of Massachusetts, has shown that 90 percent of our money is laced with cocaine. Baltimore, Boston and Detroit were the top cities on the list. The study was performed worldwide. Canada and the US were on the top of the world list, while Japan and China were at the bottom. ...more

Practice Creating A Hyperlink

In my mid-twenties, I decided to become a vegetarian. My ex-husband had gone fishing, and he when he got home, he put the two fish he caught in the sink. I presume he brought them home in a bucket of water, because they were still alive. They began flapping and thrashing around in the sink. I didn't watch, so I don't know if he slit them open while they were still alive. Knowing my ex, he just might've done that. I refused to cook them, nor did I want to eat them. The vision and sound of their flapping in the sink stayed with me. I decided then and there I would never again eat an animal. ...more

Did I know you?

In a poem Rolf Jacobsen wrote to his late wife, he asked: "Did I know you?" When I think of my partner in life, my work as a musician, I pose the same question. I have worked as a musician for a few years now. My old mentor when attending the conservatory, was one of the grand old ladies of teaching. She was an adult before the rebellion of 1968. She was one of those who are so blessed, she never had needs.   ...more

What’s for Dinner?

I look at the Healthy Lifestyle Bloggers several times a day--scanning headlines, clicking links, and looking for inspiration. Wednesday, I found My Photo Food Journal at the fight for fitness. ...more


I am failing at everything. I need to embrace this failure and call it my own, apparently. I cannot calm the anger and rage of my 7 year old son, I cannot reassure my 6 year old son that everything will be alright and his brother will be lovely to him one day. I cannot tell my daughter that life is fair, because it is not. I am unable to do the one thing which keeps me on an even keel, yoga, because I have no daycare during the summer. I have just been rejected for a course because I am not creative enough. I will show them what creative is. ...more