Rethinking Study Habits: New Studies Shake Things Up

School is back in session, and my son and fifth child has just completed his first two weeks of middle school. He’s now got a different teacher for every subject and mega-amounts of homework. I have a whole routine for setting up a homework ritual and a study spot that I feel has been tried and true and efficiency-tested by his four older siblings. ...more

i remember when i was still studying, i do well in school but i only study when i want to and ...more

Help for Parents Whose Kids Won't Do Their Homework

There are always kids who love to read, love to study, and find true fulfillment in school work and expanding their minds. And then you have the other 95% of children -- those who would rather be outside playing with friends, riding bikes or watching SpongeBob. If you are like me, you may have a child who fits the second parameter. How in the world do you help encourage your child? ...more
I have older children, so I still have one boy in High School and it is definitely a struggle.  ...more