Savory Fruit and Nut Stuffing


Savory Cremini Mushroom Dressing

Mushroom dressing is one of my favorites around the holidays.  I was hoping to  create a savory dressing with rich moist flavors that everyone would love. Well, this is it.  The recipe has baby portabellas and sage which I think became the clincher.  I am sure I will make it throughout the year as a side dish to go with many different types of menus.  Since dressing and stuffing freezes so perfectly and effortlessly this is a great dish to make in large quantities.  Give Savory Cremini Mushroom Dressing a try because I think it will become one of your perennial favorites....more

Sausage and Sage Stuffing


Pork Belly, Jalapeno and Apple Stuffing

 This is a great stuffing that you can use to stuff the turkey, a butterflied piece of pork loin, or just baked in a dish alone as a side.  The smoky pork belly melds well with the apple, and is punched with spicy jalapeno. Use fresh, local ingredients for the best flavors....more

Stuffing isn't just for Thanksgiving!

Big weekend coming up, family dinner at our house! Right before Christmas I qualified for a free turkey from Harris Teeter which is the local market where I shop. I know, you are probably thinking that nobody gives away anything free these days; well I was just as surprised as you. Several years ago many of the local grocery stores in my area use to award loyal customers with free food, gas cards, grills and all types of great gifts. Since these practices have been pretty much non-existent over that last two years, I was delighted to pick up my frozen bird. ...more
@cookingwithkary Let me tell you, my friend, and I'm sure I won't get an negative answer from ...more

~Cranberry Cookie Crumble Stuffing!

~Cranberry Cookie Crumble Stuffing!   ...more

Poultry Cavity Conflict: Causes and Solutions

With turkey season fast-approaching you have no doubt heard a lot about Poultry Cavity Conflict (PCC). It is the cause of anger and disappointment around many a family table. But what is at the heart of this issue and how can you eject it from your kitchen? Read on to find out all about PCC and about how to solve this common problem....more
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The Accidental Locavore & Hot Italians: Charcutepalooza June Challenge

The Accidental Locavore’s friend Carol commented recently that not everyone knows what chacuterie is. Charcuterie is the art or business of preserving meat. Whether you realize it or not, you've been eating it since you were a kid....more

Beef Olives

This was a recipe my mom suggested when I told her I wanted to try something like what I had done with the stuffed chicken, but with beef. The recipe is quite a lengthy one, but the result is amazing…Beef Olives Full Recipe here... ...more