Looking into the Past

Looking into the past is a rad photo project I stumbled on the other day. It's official. I'm addicted to stumbling and pinning!...more

Why You Need To Be Active On StumbleUpon

If you have a blog, you should be active on StumbleUpon. You should also encourage your friends and readers to be active on StumbleUpon as well. ...more
This was a really useful article. I just signed up for Stumble Upon today!more

Which Social Media Disorders Do You Have?

As someone who loves social media, I see many messages every day encouraging me to "read this to find out how to make tons of money on Facebook and Twitter!" I can’t vouch for any of those systems, but I do know what I would do if I wanted to make big bank: become a therapist who specializes in social media-prompted neuroses. I'd have a swank office (FREE WI-FI of course!) and instead of a couch I'd have a massage chair, because a day on Facebook can wreck both your ego and your spine. Am I a get-rich-on-social-media genius or what? ...more

Hilarious! And...oh so true! I definitely feel like I have Unrequited Twitter Love. Social media ...more

Getting More Traffic

My post at groovygrrl today tells a little about how I drive traffic to my sites....more

Tutorial: Using StumbleUpon

Remember way back in 1994 and 1995 when you actually surfed the 'net? You could start out at one page and end up in a completely different spot and nothing was actually related. You were just surfing and following along. These days I sometimes find I miss that randomness. Thanks to Google Reader I check the same sites every day. There are days, though, when I want something fresh and new. Something I haven't seen before. Those are the days I Stumble. ...more
How Can I see pages that I have Liked ? I want to see them all againmore