I'm loving right now

I just fell in love with this beautiful pink handbag by Amy George. I love the simple clean design and the color is so damn pretty. I also really like the simple black clutch. Do you love it?: ...more

30 for 30: The Round-Up

So I made it!!  And now, an excruciatingly long time later, I am blogging about it!  This is about as typical a Melina move as you’ll ever get.  Straight.  Up. Now I suppose I should take a look back and ask myself: What did I learn?  Well, I learned that only using 30 pieces of clothing while not shopping at all is a torturous combination.  I failed a little… just keeping it realsies here.  I stumbled across that rose ...more

On My List For Fall

   1, 2 and 4. J.Crew  3. Anthropologie  5. Madewell  6.Frye ...more

Brilliant sunless tanning applicator!

A self-tanner lotion applicator for your back???   Uhhh, say WHAT?! I went to Ulta last week to use a 20% off total purchase coupon on these 2 lovies: Hawaiin Tropic Medium Dark, my favorite at-home self tanning lotion & Ulta's self-tanner applicator mitt When I stumbled across this lotion applicator and couldn't believe my eyes.  I've always wondered how you were supposed to get self tanner on your back evenly and totally have said something like this needed to ...more

Fringe Benefits

I have to admit, I've never given much thought to tassels in the past. If you'd asked me what I associated tassels with two years ago- I probably would have said "strippers" and then moved on with my tassel-less life. Lately, however, I've been encountering tassels on just about everything, and I'm quickly learning, they're not just for pasties anymore. In fact, I've come to the enlightened conclusion that I love tassels. Here are some of my favorite tassel-adorned ...more

pregnancy potions.

Let's be honest: we all need help getting through pregnancy. It takes a village, right?!Lately I can't be bothered to put liquid foundation on my face (even if it is just a tinted moisturizer). In fact, I am barely (and begrudgingly) putting moisturizer/spf on in the morning. This baby is makin' me lazy.Luckily, I have found a product to incorporate into my routine that give my skin the flawless look without the need for a daily dose of liquid ...more

back to school: shoes!

I promised last week that I would clue you in on my favorites for kiddos shoes... for summer, it's crocs (hands down).  But for the back to season school... converse for boys AND girls are my favorite! Last night we had orientation at both of my kids' schools and the one thing the teachers always say is: no crocs, no flip flops and try for velcro (especially in preschool and kindergarten, where tying shoes is still difficult for kiddos) . ...more

TIFF Style - From Laid Back Day Casual to Party Ready Night...

ShareWant to turn a casual t-shirt into something party-ready (in time for TIFF!)?  Try this look! During the day, this basic black t-shirt from Jacob can be worn to write articles, go around the city photographing day premieres and showings and whatnot… T-shirt: Jacob, XS Pants: Banana Republic 00P, OLD Sandals: Stuart Weitzman, size 5 But in the evening, it can become more chic (though it might not be fancy enough for a gala party, it works very well ...more

Let's get real, here

Cardigan, Gap, thrifted ($2) Undertank, Old Navy, refashioned ($2.50 on sale) Skirt, used to be a dress, Walmart ($6) Belt, thrifted ($1) Necklace, Avon, gift Flats, Payless, ($10) Pumps, Aldo, thrifted ($6) I started out wearing the flats today. I took them off to mop and do the dishes, at which point my 1-year-old took one and hid it somewhere. At this writing, I still haven't found it. These pumps are what I'd wear out tonight for date night . ...more

Nail Art Tutorial: Sunflowers

I was able to take a video recording of how I painted my sunflowers nail art design. I am really trying to do more nail art tutorials that records my entire nail painting process instead of just creating a video out of pictures. The former is harder for me to do but I'll keep trying so you can see some personal techniques or tips in action. Thanks so much for watching and please don't hesitate to use the comment ...more