Can You Copy the Kate Moss Style?

This is the second in the series on style from my website Aboutawomanaboutagirl. Can you take someone's style? Model Kate Moss has been on best dressed lists over and over. Recently she partnered (again) with Topshop to bank on her style signature. Can you buy her allure?...more

Curly Hair: Could I…Should I?

I never, ever thought I’d pose the question above – let alone pen a post about it. But a toddler swim class has a way of changing things. I love my hair.  When it's straight, that is. It's how I have rolled....more

Style Inspiration: Brigitte Bardot

Spring Trend: Tea Length Skirt

Happy Monday everyone! It's gloomy and rainy outside, so what better time to lose yourself into some cute fashion? I absolutely adore the trend for this week due to its classic nature and ladylike simplicity: the tea length skirt. ...more

Top 5 Spring Outfits (when it's still so cold!)

Some women love summer fashion and enjoy stripping down their look until there is almost nothing left. We love the cool and live for layering, especially on pleasant days when it's warm enough to show off our style. Sure, winter is great, but bulky sweaters take their toll on our self-esteem and keep us from wearing so many cute things. When spring rolls around we feel a bit like a seed cracking out of our wool shells and stretching into the world to BLOOM with our fresh spring outfits....more

Sofia Vergara, Icon of Funny, Sexy Mumsiness Launches Debut Perfume Sofia (2014) {New Fragrance} {Celebrity Perfume}

TV star Sofia Vergara of Modern Family fame - known for her interpretation of funny, sexy mom character Gloria Delgado-Pritchett - will launch her debut signature perfume simply called Sofia. It will debut on HSN and is meant to be "her" but also very easy to wear and accessible - again, like "her"......more

Ralph Lauren Midnight Romance (2014) {New Perfume}

Ralph Lauren are releasing a new women's perfume in their Romance franchise called Midnight Romance......more

Make it Stay Hair Primer and Style Extender Review

Do you spend tons of time either curling or straightening your hair in the morning, only to have it revert back to it's natural state before the day is even half over?  So frustrating!  I have straight hair, but I love to add in some beachy waves now and then.  Unfortunately, it tends to fall flat by lunchtime, and all that work goes down the drain....more

The #1 Secret to Making Even Your Lazy Days Super Stylish

We all know at least one woman who always, always looks fashionable. She looks put together, in control and makes it all seem effortless, like those French women who look like they rolled out of bed dressed in designer clothes....more

I Am Living The Look

I don't often like to do style posts because I feel women are so overwhelemed with various curated fashion options. From pinterest and Instagram to your favorite glossy magazines and blogs, there is always something or someone telling you what else you should buy....more