Style Icon - Kate Middleton

Fashion Friday usually consists of one of my ootd's but there's this little thing called life going on outside the blogosphere and this week I just didn't have one second to take good pictures for you guys! So instead I will share a few of my favorite looks from the always classy and classic Kate Middleton. I love so many things about her - her fashion obviously but also the way she carries herself!  She is a class act and those can be hard to find these days.  She is always smiling and proves that happy girls really are the prettiest. ...more

Style Icon: Veda from My Girl

Aside from seeing the wonderful Boyhood this weekend, I also happened to catch a few minutes (read: ALL) of My Girl on TV.I don't think I'd seen this movie since it was released in 1991 and while I will say that Thomas J.'s death seemed a whole lot less traumatizing this time, there was one thing that I was totally taken by: VEDA'S OUTFITS....more

Style Icon of the Corporate Ladies – Olivia Palermo (Office Chic)

Having been a cubicle rat for several years, I have learned that looking classy, fashionable and serious for the office is no mean feat. Many people often dismiss corporate wear as boring and stifling. Many ladies also stick to the safe haven - by wearing black most of the time. Indeed it seems hard to juggle sartorial sense when your professionalism is on the table but I thought it's time all of us get some inspiration for our office wardrobe with reference from Olivia Palermo! ...more